Our Day at Terrain

Before I share about our day at Terrain, I thought I would let you all know that at 7:30 pm EST, we are launching our holiday promotion.  If you would like to hear about it first, it is going out to our subscribers.  

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This past Saturday was a great day.

One for the record books.  It was like our own personal Hallmark Christmas movie.

We were invited to the Holiday Open House at Terrain at their Westport, CT location.  I have wanted to go this store for so long.  But to be able to go, for their holiday open house, that we were part of because they are selling our products, well it is almost too much.


As I quickly meandered around snapping pictures (very quickly and just with my phone so sorry for the quality!), I found myself overwhelmed with joy.  Then throw in the children making gingerbread houses, the beautiful smells and noises and all of the displays, I was in tears and I am even choking up now.

We have spent so much time working so hard on what we are trying to create and to be part of that day was a special part of our journey.


And let me tell you, the store did not disappoint.  The displays were all so creative and unique but they all worked together so beautifully.  From wreaths to trees to soaps and lotions, I wanted to bring it all home!  The only thing I did bring home was Grace Bonney’s new book In the Company of Women, which she signed because she was there too.  The day just kept getting better and better.




And then there was the outside, where we were set up.  Right when you walked out the smell of greenery and the fires burning was just perfect.    And then they started to make it snow.  Even though it was a beautiful 60 degree day in Connecticut in November, snow was just the perfect touch.



We were busy all day sharing our maple syrup paired with cheese and our maple candy.  But the extra bonus was that we brought our maple cotton candy machine to share with everyone.  There was often a line of children and adults alike for the cotton candy.   The looks on their faces as they waited and as they tasted it will stay with us for a long time.


And if that wasn’t enough, after the sun went down, the carolers came outside as they lit the tree and the “snow” continued to fall down by the fire.  Peanut and I were enjoying the movie when she turned to me and said it was just like a Hallmark movie.  People around us laughed because there was no denying it, it was just like a Hallmark movie.


When the hard days come, and we all know that there will be lots of those, these are the memories that will get me through.  Thank you so much to Terrain for such an amazing day and for including us in it.

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8 thoughts on “Our Day at Terrain”


  1. I’m so happy for you! And a tad sorry for me because I missed it! Terrain is one of my favorite online stores, ever, + I hope they open one in Chicago. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, that must have been amazing! I used to live in Connecticut, but nothing like that was there, then:-)
    I’m excited to see what your holiday promotion encompasses! I just ordered my trees, and already got the confirmation that they are shipping…but…maybe more candles and a tea towel or 2 might need to be!!!

  3. How amazing and awesome for you and your family…………. I so love when I read different blogs and so many share “Their dreams come true” kind of stories!!! this place is beautiful !!!!!!! Making memories …. Precious!!!

  4. What a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing it. I HAVE to watch one Hallmark movie per day this year to stay focused on the magic! Love them. Maple cotton candy sounds amazing. Did you invent it? I emailed to let you know I saw your product in my latest Country Living magazine on the editors page! So happy for where God has led you and your sweet family.

  5. I live in the next Town over from Westport. I wish I had known you were there because I would have loved to have met you. Next time.