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This post really is about decorating your home, but if you will indulge me, I want to first talk about clothing shopping.

And mirrors.

A few days ago I went shopping at our local mall.  I have a bunch of events, weddings, travel, etc. coming up over the next few months and I just wanted to do one big shop and be done with it.  I should have known better than to go to my own mall.  It is useless.  I left the first store feeling deflated and awful about myself and they way things fit me.

Then I started walking through the mall towards another store and I found myself looking at what all the other women were wearing.  I kept thinking to myself, “oh, that looks so nice on her.”  After a few rounds of that I realized they were wearing very similar outfits to what I had just tried on and hated on myself.  Why was I unable to grant myself the same grace?

Yesterday, I set out determined to try again and go in with the right attitude.  I put on a nice outfit and did my hair and make-up and drove about an hour away to where I knew there were stores I always had better luck at finding things.  In one of the first stores I went in, I caught my reflection in the mirror.

Ugh, my “cute outfit” was awful.

I decide right then and there to never wear that outfit again and I walked out of the store discouraged and uncomfortable.  I went about my shopping, found a few things, but still felt uncomfortable.    Later, in another store, I walked into the dressing room and caught my reflection again.

Do you know what I saw?

The cute outfit from that morning.  Why was I so quick to believe the mirror that I hated my outfit in and not believe the mirror from the morning?  Don’t we all do that?  I find it easier to believe the bad things about myself than the good things.  Why couldn’t I believe the positive mirror?




And the same goes for our homes.  How many times have you walked into someone’s home and they start making excuses of why their home is not “just right” or what they are planning to do in the future to make it better.  Yet, in our eyes as their guest, we only see the things we love and the things that make it uniquely their home.

Go-Into-the-World-5x7 Or, how many times has someone walked into your home and you started explaining all of the things you were planning on improving instead of just welcoming them in?

Why don’t we grant ourselves and our own homes the same grace we give others?   Why don’t we believe the mirror that shows how beautiful and welcoming our homes are?

The lovely Melissa from The Inspired Room has just written a book that helps us with just that challenge.  Love the Home you Have walks your through the journey Melissa and her family took in trying to find “the perfect home”.  After many tries, she realized it was right under her nose the whole time.  And now, she wants to encourage you how to find your own perfect home, right where you are right now.




Her book not only provides great insight and encouragement, but it actually takes you through the specific ways you can accomplish your goal of loving your home.  And she even concludes with a “31 Day Challenge” that gives you specific tools and tips to move you along in your journey.

One of my favorite parts is where she discusses the balance between real life messes but still trying to keep her home beautiful and in control.   The reality is the blog and Pinterest images that we see are of course featuring the best sides of our homes, but that doesn’t mean when the camera is put away it is comfortable to live in pure chaos.



On the night after my first shopping excursion, I was online and came across a headline that read something like “What Celebrities Look Like in Real Life”.  I couldn’t help myself and I clicked over.  I didn’t laugh or judge.  I felt comforted.   It brought to light just how edited the images we see everyday are.   The same practice happens in home publications.  The images we see are set and staged because that is what is most appealing to readers.  We can take pieces and parts of that for inspiration, but don’t let make you feel that your home doesn’t measure up.  Those moments are not the moments of living which is the most important part of our homes.

I have always believed that the journey of “Finding Home” is about creating a place where you are most comfortable and is a reflection of you and your family.  Let that be your guide, with inspiration from all that is around you, and with tips and ideas from Love the Home You Have, to make the home you live in right now one that you love.


Oh, to wrap up my shopping experience, after the second mirror interaction that showed my “cute outfit”, I found two dresses that I really love.  I wonder if I would have loved them as much before I reached the second mirror.  It was such a reminder to me that it is all in your outlook and perspective with ourselves and our homes.

If you would like to learn more about Melissa’s book, including a super cute video and more of the graphics found above, visit the Love the Home You Have site or you can purchase it directly on Amazon.

Thanks so much for reading.


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11 thoughts on “On Mirrors and Decorating Your Home”


  1. Laura,

    I felt like I was reading a morning devotional. Spoke to me in so many ways. Love your kind words of
    advice and honestly.


  2. What a BEAUTIFUL article! I never thought of my home design in that way and that the pictures and mags that I look at are set up in the same way fashion is.
    I was inspired and moved by your words and I will take them to heart in my own home.

    You really honed in on a very true and global issue of loving ourselves and our homes…( which really is an extension of us).

    Thank You!

  3. Thank you for your post….it sure was eye opening. I too have those moments of self doubt of how I look, how my house looks but I remember what my wonderful Aunt Charlene told me. She didn’t have much but what she had she loved. She said that every morning she would walk through her home and fall in love with it. I think that is something we all should do, appreciate what we have and who we are and fall in love with ourselves and our homes each and every morning. She was a great inspiration to me, a wonderful decorator, a wonderful fun loving person and opps sorry I am getting off track here. But thanks for your post, this one and all of the wonderful past and future ones that you share with us all…..

  4. Been reading this book.It truly changed how I look at my house.It made me realize what I should value in my home and be thankful for what I have!

  5. Thanks, after having the same exact feeling the other night and coming home with absolutely nothing this is just what I needed to read! Maybe this weekend when I try trip #2 I will find that magic mirror 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  6. What a wonderful post Laura. I also feel the same way when I’m shopping for clothes and it’s very discouraging but this really puts it all into perspective even regarding our homes. I often feel that our house is inadequate and unfinished and worry about what guests will say. In fact I have not invited 2 couples over as I feel out house isn’t ‘good enough’ compared to theirs. I really need to take the lesson to heart and not worry so much. Thanks for sharing this. Very timely. I wish you a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day. Blessings, Pam

  7. Another inspiring heartfelt post. Thank you – I have had this experience soooo many times when I’m out shopping for clothes. Decorating a room is so much easier than decorating myself. I’ve learnt not to take my cue’s from my reflection in the car window – never good – or from anything less than a full length mirror. Sometimes when we just see one part of the whole picture (probably in bad lighting) we get a very skewed perspective. Mind you there have been times I’ve looked in a full length mirror and almost lost the will to live but at least you know what your dealing with then. I loved your message – grace – granting ourselves and our homes the same grace we would give to others. Heres to giving ourselves credit for where we are and the room to change and grow where we need to – grace does that – it gives us a way to move forward. I’m looking forward to reading Melissa’s book and thank you once again for your kind encouragement and lovely words.

  8. Excellent point, well said. I’ve been working on this whole choosing-to-see-things-in-a-positive-light thing for a few months now myself. This is one more reminder. : ) Thank you.