Noisy Quiet

Have you ever had so many thoughts in your head that it starts to hurt sometimes?

Have you ever had so many thoughts in your head and have so much to say that it leads to nothing to say?

Well, that is where I am at.

So, instead of boring you with a lame post, I will wish you a fantastic weekend.

I look forward to next week when thoughts will be clearer – at least I hope so!

I will share this little pretty – no coloring here, just as God made them – beautiful!

iphone march 011

May you find color in all of God’s gifts this weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Noisy Quiet”


  1. Laura,
    I am always amazed by how same but different eggs are. Mine come from a lady 7 miles away with a henhouse. I know they all eat the same and are the same breed but most times there seem to be 12 different eggs in each carton. I guess life is what you make it, even for chickens.


    ps relax, recharge, let go.