A New Member of the Family

Hannah Day 1


So, a few weeks ago, we got a puppy.

And it wasn’t really all that planned.  And the next day I totally freaked out.  And wondered what in the heck we were thinking.



When we got our sweet goofy Bailey Rose five years ago, I was so prepared.  I mean, like crazy prepared.

I had read every book, studied about what to feed her, how to train her and all the things I thought I was suppose to do as a dog mom.




Thinking about it all the last few weeks, I realize, there aren’t many things I do without being prepared.

There are almost no things I do without being sure about them.

And this? I was the least sure I could possibly be.




And I think not being sure was just was I needed.



Because when she crooks her head, plays with Bailey or snuggles with my girls, how can you not just fall in love with her.

Welcome to the family Hannah.

Sometimes we all need a puppy to shake things up a bit.


And since I am guessing you might ask, she is, we think, a poodle mix with some sort of terrier in her.  The dad was at the shelter too and he was a miniature poodle.  Information on the mom is a little vague.  She is super mellow and is finally learning to play, thanks to Bailey.

So, we need your help.  Bailey’s full name is actually Bailey Rose and my girls both love their pup having a middle name.  We can not seem to come up with one that works for Hannah, other than banana.

So, my older girl suggested we ask you!

What should Hannah’s middle name be?

Thanks so much for reading!


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75 thoughts on “A New Member of the Family”


  1. I was thinking Hannah Mae and come down to comment and Kristi had the same name in mind.Great minds, LOL

  2. all my dogs have middle names…….how else do you call them??……lol….dugan macfee, Minnie pearl, and heather louise……
    Hannah sounds like heather,and the rhythm of the name Hannah louise is the same as heather louise…..lol…..so I’d say louise for a middle name…….and makes it unique

  3. Your dogs are beautiful! Hannah Mae (or May) is pretty. If you want a one-syllable flower theme, Hannah Sage, Hannah Bell (as in bluebell) and Hannah Lis (French for Lily) are options. Good luck!

  4. There are so many good suggestions already – I think Hannah Grace is my favorite of them all… followed by Hannah Mae. She’s adorable — and so is Bailey!

  5. I think you answered your own question…Hannah Grace sounds good to me! She’s adorable, that’s for sure!

  6. Love is sometimes messy, and often unexpected. 🙂

    Hannah Grace, Hannah Blue, Hannah Louise, Hannah Elizabeth (ooo, that might be my favorite), Hannah Marie, Hannah Skye…

    yup Hannah Elizabeth is my fave.

    They’ll know when it’s right, whenever that may be. xxxo

  7. Hannah Grace was my first thought, but apparently I wasn’t the first to think so, LOL. I love the name Hanna Grace it works for her. What a wonderful dog. As we age we question what we can handle, but last year on the spur of the moment I fell in love with a Puppy up for adoption we now have Sandy Bell. She makes us laugh everyday and encourages our 10 year old dachshund Mickey to play, and give a good chase to our loving cat Gabby.

  8. My first thought was Hannah Mae…and then I read the comments and laughed…guess I’m not the only one 😉

  9. Beloved, I pray the God Lord continue to bless you and your family including your new addition, very abundantly.
    I love Hannah Rue! My daughter’s name is Tessa Modet Rue Acevedo, and she loves her name and so do we!


  10. I think the middle name of Grace would be perfect. I love the name Hannah Grace. Fits your blog just right when you wish us a “Day Filled With Grace”.

  11. She is so so adorable!! How fun for your girls! My daughter is Hannah Mairead – Mairead is gaelic for Margaret…..but her nickname is Hannah Bear, how’s that for a cute & furry pup??? Enjoy your new baby.

  12. We have a daughter named Hannah Paige. We frequently refer to her as “HP.” I also sometimes call her Hannah Bean! Good luck with the new puppy!

  13. I do believe she looks like a Hannah Marie! Thank you for giving this sweet little girl a loving home!!

  14. Okay, I am laughing at all the suggestions of Hannah Grace – that is my DAUGHTER’S name! Hannah Belle sounds more like a dog name to me! Hannah Bear and Hannah Blue are cute too.

  15. I LOVE the fact that your rescued Hannah. I have four rescued – 2 dogs – 2 cats. It is good karma. I think you should also stay with the flower theme – maybe Hannah Hydrangea or Hannah Lilly. Whatever you choose I know that sweet little puppy will be well loved and well cared for. Enjoy her.

  16. My niece’s name is Hannah Lyn. It sounds good together and just rolls off the tongue. Maybe your sweet little Hannah would like the middle name Lyn.

  17. What about Hannah Beth….Hannah Marie…..
    You’ve got a lot of suggestions already!
    I have a Bailey too! Most of the time I call her Bailey Girl so I guess girl is her middle name!

  18. Hi Laura,
    Hannah is beautiful (as is Bailey!!)! I agree with Kristi…Hannah’s middle name should be Grace.
    Hannah Grace Putnam has a simply beautiful sound to it.

    Take care,

  19. I like Hannah Susanna. My daughter’s name is Hannah Elizabeth but I think I would love having a pup come running when I called her Hannah Susanna!

  20. My daughter’s name is Hannah, and her middle name is named after my grandmother. Her middle name is Pearl. It’s a wonderful old fashioned name, I think it would be lovely for your Hannah as well.

  21. You certainly have a lot of great ideas for a middle name. I was thinking some of the same that were mentioned. You are right nothing like getting a puppy to add some spice to life. 🙂 We did the same thing back in February. I don’t know what we were thinking. He is the biggest dog we have ever owned (an Aussie), and the most energetic too. He is as smart as a whip and easy to train, which I am grateful for. He too tilts his head when you talk to him.

  22. First thing that came to mind was Hannah Grace because of your blog. I could imagine calling her Hannah Bear, there’s something cute about it. She may become a Hannah Mae also. I think you have lots of good ideas, now let Hannah’s personality come out and you’ll know what her name is. I’m very fond of animals naming themselves by their own personality……she might even be Hannah Banana! Enjoy her!!

  23. I think since you have a Bailey Rose, you should keep going with the flower middle name and have Hannah Iris. I think it flows nicely.

  24. I’m kind of partial to Hannah Grace…because when you sign off, you always wish us a day filled with Grace! 😉

  25. I like Hannah Grace, also! or maybe “Hannah Bee”?
    So glad you have this new addition — sometimes the best things are those spur of the moment decisions — that happened to us and our new cats, although I know the Lord was in it!

  26. Oh so cute ! I have no idea about a middle name although I think Hannah banana is cute too. My Grand daughter is Anna and I often refer to her as Anna banana, :). All I can think is how much work a puppy is. Oh my. I have had my share, and I will probably fall again someday, but I have 3 dogs right now and I am not getting any younger !

  27. Firstly, congratulations on your new addition to the family. If I had to chose a middle name for her, my mind goes directly to a show that my girls watch. It’s Pretty Little Liars and one of the four main characters is Hannah. So, I was thinking why not one of the other character’s name. There is Aria, Emily and Spencer. My favorite combination would have to be Hannah Spencer. Can’t wait to see what your family chooses.

  28. We have a new puppy who we named Molly B. The “B” can stand for different things depending on how she is acting! 😉

  29. I think because your other cutie’s middle name is a flower, Hannah should have a flower name like Lily or Sweetpea or Willow. Both dogs are too cute!!

  30. Love your new family member! She’s darling!

    I think, for her middle name, either something that starts w/ an “r” to go w/ Bailey “R”ose – Hannah Rae or Hannah Rue – or anther flower to go w/ “rose” – Hannah Lilly or Hannah Violet.

  31. I really like the suggestion Hannah Blue but how about Hannah Angel or Angelina since the angels brought you and your family to her. I truly believe that dogs find their people… Not the other way around :). Good luck no matter what you name her. Congrats!

  32. Hannah Marie is what came to me! I love Hannah Lis also! She seems to really love you all and Baily Rose!

  33. All our pets have middle names. Hannah Raeann is the middle name I would choose.

    Our daughter just got a Cavalier (sp) and her name is Princess Cinderella and they named her Bailey Princess.
    The breeder named all the female pups after Princesses.

  34. I love Hannah Susanna! It goes with your first ideas but is not a fruit – Its a Persian name that means “lily or lotus flower” So you would get a rhyming flower name. Perfect!

  35. Congratulations Laura and family. The puppy is adorable! Well you have a Bailey Rose so how about another beautiful flower middle name. I like Hannah Lily. Good luck with all your choices. Happy summer!

  36. Thank you for choosing a dog from a shelter. There are so many wonderful pets that need homes. She was lucky to be adopted. How about Lucky as her middle name? Not a very girly name, but certainly appropriate!

  37. Interesting–I was thinking May, and I see some others suggested the same, just spelled differently.