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Hola!  Bienvenido.

This post is brought to you in conjunction with studying for a spanish test, feeding dogs and my daughter making a delicious dinner.  She sautéed chicken with maple syrup, butter a splash of maple sugar, raspberry jam, pepper and walnuts.  She served it with feta cheese sprinkled over the top.   Creative, delicious and a beautiful mix of savory and sweet.




Some days it is just all about multi-tasking.  Oh, and UPS just came by with three “Stuffies” from Grandma for my youngest.


Thin-Galvanized-Maple-Bucket copy


One thing I made sure to find time for was to get these amazing buckets up in the shop.  I have been looking for the smaller sized maple buckets for such a long time and I finally found them.  And not only did I find some for me, but I found some to put in the shop as well.

They have the hole that was used for hanging them on the tree, so they are perfect to hang as well as to use on a table top.  I used an actual maple hook to hang it on our hooks, but an “s” hook would work as well.   If the end of your hooks is smaller, it will hook right on it.  And of course, there is always the old fashioned nail to hang from.




I can’t wait to fill these with greenery for the holidays, inside and out and they will be perfect for corralling and organizing all kinds of things.

As always, thank you so much for reading!  Hasta luego!

You can find all of the items in our shop here.


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1 thought on “New in the Shop – Galvanized Maple Buckets”


  1. Love the galvanized bucket – so cute! I have some that I got years ago, and haven’t done anything with. You’ve inspired me to find them and put some pretty flowers in them!

    Your hydrangeas and sedum are gorgeous. I have both in my garden, and neither did well this year, which is unusual. I hope they’ll snap back next year!