My Parisian Treasures

With all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Holidays, I never shared the treasures I brought back from our recent trip to Paris.  If you remember, we only had carry on luggage, so this is what I could fit in my suitcase! 

You have actually seen all of these before, I just never let you know that that is where they were from.  So here the are…

This beautiful key

Nativity, vignettes, trees 130

And the basket it is in

Nativity, vignettes, trees 131

This beautiful ornament.  I actually brought one back for my sister and my Mom as well.

Nativity, vignettes, trees 136

It was too pretty to get lost on the tree, so I put in on this old mirror in the bathroom where it could really shine.

Nativity, vignettes, trees 135

I was determined to find an ornament that said Joyeux Noel, but no luck.  But I did find this amazing child’s school chalkboard.  It is two sided, with lines on one side and you can actually see a name written on the wood. It is actual slate.  The guy said it as very old. It already came with the jute string attached.

hats and christmas mantel 060

Since I couldn’t find the ornament I was looking for, I put Joyeux Noel on the chalkboard and I love how it came out.

christmas around the house 107

I am off to pick up my Christmas cards, I know I am a bit behind. 

Tonight we go on our yearly shopping trip with my Dad.  It started when my sister and I were teenagers and we told him he couldn’t pick out presents for us anymore.  I know, sounds mean, but if you saw what he was picking out you would understand!  Anyway, the tradition began, it has to be close to Christmas, mostly because that is just his way.  And it always a late night!  A few years ago, my daughters stated joining us which is a very fun time for them with Grandpa.  My husband picks them up at a certain point, and then we keep going!

Hope you are well and not getting too stressed.  Tomorrow, the wrapping begins!  Take care!

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6 thoughts on “My Parisian Treasures”


  1. Beautiful finds, I just adore that key and the ornament is gorgeous! I love where you put it!! Have a wonderful time tonight, what a great tradition and a great way to spend time! Bless your dad for taking two girls shopping! 🙂 I bet he just loves it! 🙂

  2. You make the simplest things look so lovely! My husband is going to give me a funny look when I ask him to cut me some disk of wood for decorating! Love it!!!

  3. Your finds are wonderful! I'm partial to the chalkboard…I've wanted one forever? well maybe more like a couple of years now. lol! ps love your santa pillow too, very cute! You have such great ideas : )