My Name is Laura and I am an Auction Addict!

Seriously, this one was just too good to pass up.

I know, it seems like I have a problem, but you know how the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot! 

I really don’t think I will be going to another one in the near future, so I figure I would do one more “share” with you of my treasure finds.  None of the pictures are great.  They were either taken freezing in the garage or at night in my dining room, sorry.  Below zero makes it harder to do “pretty photo shoots”.

Two more tool boxes, love the chippy white paint.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 003

4 stools, 3 shoes and an egg crate.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 006

Some really old ice skates.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 010

A crate.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 012

A wash bin on a stand.  Can’t you see this on the deck this summer filled with beer lemonade?

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 014

A neat old metal folding chair.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 018

A great old painted table.  Sorry for the wonky photo, it was crazy cold when we got it home and this was the quickest place we could put it and I could not move it by myself.  Wonky photo and all, it is still cool.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 020

Blondie counted for me.  There are 72 old zinc mason jar covers.  Life is good.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 024

Fun old camera.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 025

I am not sure if these are cute or creepy?

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 031

Some lamp making kits.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 032

No idea what I will do with these, but neat old photography bulbs.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 033

These are cool.  Two boxes of slide blinders.  I am not exactly sure, but I am some ideas brewing here.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 034

More sheet music, no one else bid, couldn’t pass it up.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 035

An enamelware box with lid.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 037

A bunch of colored mason jar covers.  I have an idea here too.  Not sure if it will work, we will have to see.

Valentine Mantel and auction photos 039

This auction was fun to go to for two reasons. 

One, they went in number order and all the stuff I was interested in came up in two hours.  Second, my husband and girls came with me.  This was fun to share with them, plus, I won’t deny it was awesome to have my husband drive the truck with the trailer, load it all up and be on our way.

Second, then we went to dinner at old fashion drive up burger joint.  We didn’t drive up (too cold) and I didn’t have a burger (just wasn’t feeling it) but I did have a yummy shake!

And for those of you who are wondering, I have everything but Photoshop set up on my new computer.  Even this posting was written on the old computer and I was able to save it!

Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement!

Have a great night!


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9 thoughts on “My Name is Laura and I am an Auction Addict!”


  1. great finds hope was all a good price….the washstand and basin would be beautiful full of flowers….i don't have the stand but i do have several basins and they are so perfect for flowers.

  2. Hi Laura! It is ok, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, not sure what the second step is because I never get past the first! 🙂 I love all your finds, that table, the baskets, the tool boxes and the washtub on legs are beautiful!!! You are going to be a busy lady!

    So happy that you were able to get the new computer going and that things were still on your old one! Look at you go, treasure hunter and computer wiz!! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day dear!

  3. So, have you ever done a post on the Auction process? There's an auction house close by that I gone into on Preview days, but I've never gone back for the actual auction because I don't know what to do. This is probably a hard thing to answer, but what kind of prices can you expect? Thanks!

  4. Laura, for years we went to auctions every Saturday morning, held at the Fairgrounds of next county. My dream was to buy a big old house that I could make into a B& I’d bid on glassware, linens, and my husband’s passion was old cast iron banks, Hess trucks, crocks, silverware..but I knew I’d have to wait until his inheritance came through. I waited, and waited and after taking a job housecleaning for Sr. Citizens for about 10 yrs. , I gave up on that dream..I learned housecleaning every single day wouldn’t be fun so we took all our wares back to the auction and let them be sold. Those auctions were fun, you got to meet some nice people..and you learned that those people who looked like they came out from “under a tractor or had been driving a tractor” all day were not to be taken lightly; as they had some bucks to buy anything they wanted! After a near death experience of my own health back in 2002, we started thinking about moving to this same Sr. Citizens community, where I worked all those years. We started selling more at the auctions, having yard sales, and giving away a lot of stuff before moving here because of downsizing space. We gathered a lot of knowledge by going to those auctions but the auctioneers around here started charging a 10% buyer’s premium on top of collecting state tax and that soured going to the auctions for us and a lot of other people that we used to see every Saturday morning. I’ve seen rooms full of furniture go for practically nothing because the furniture buyers wasn’t there that night or day. One man loaded up his truck one night in the pouring rain and he got some great buys, good furniture that just needed a little TLC..One beautiful sofa, he said he’d go home, unload the stuff and he had the perfect fabric to recover that sofa and he’d sell it in his antique shop the next weekend, if not two days later, if he could get it finished. I bought lots of glassware, with the B&B in mind..some of the fine linens I still have and use, especially dresser scarfs. He sold his Hess Truck collection at an auctionhouse in W.Va. but didn’t get what his friend had got the month before at same auctionhouse. The Hess collectors weren’t there that night when we sold his broke our hearts but that’s part of learning.
    We’re still friends with some of the people we met at the auction, one belongs to our church, the other one is a retired policeman who hits the yard sales for good stuff on weekends as soon as they open. You can always tell dealers when they came up to your yard sales, or see them at estate sales, they were the first ones there. They do a quick look to see if there was anything that appealed to them and if not, go on to the next yard sale or estate sale.