My Cup is Overflowing

I will be away for a few days.  Feeling the love and feeling appreciation.  My sister and husband surprised me with a most amazing, and early birthday party to celebrate my 40th on Saturday.

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The best part is that I had my Betties for one night and now I have dear friends who came all the way from Nevada to surprise me.

I feel so lucky and so loved.  So many people came from so far and near and it was an amazing night.

So, I am going to enjoy my time with my friends and my amazing family.

Oh, and the way they surprised me was my dear husband packed a full bag to leave for a trip to Europe.  I am not going to lie, I checked his bag to see if it was really packed.  It was and he said it was because he knew I would check his bag.  He knows me so well.

Truly, I feel so loved and there is nothing more a girl could ask for to celebrate her birthday.

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7 thoughts on “My Cup is Overflowing”


  1. Oh, have fun! You deserve it! What a sweet hubby! It's a bit of a change to turn 40 but I'm trying to embrace it. I just celebrated my 40th, this past week as well.

    Enjoy! ~M

  2. That is so wonderful! Enjoy every bit of it my friend and the story about your hubby knowing you would look…that is funny!! 😉 What a wonderful man he is!! Have fun and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  3. Happy 40th birthday. I am a new follower. I came across your blog through freckled laundry.Interesting blog.
    Again, Bonne Fête