Monday Randomness

Yup, no insight, no decorating, just fun randomness today!

I came to my computer this morning to find this on my screen

funny monkies

Yup, that is what happens when your 9 year old is on your computer!

On Saturday afternoon, Sunshine and I were counting these

I phone March 077

Lots, and lots and lots of jelly beans for a “Guess How Many” raffle.  Needless to say, my kids can’t enter!

Last week Hubby and I did one of our favorite yearly traditions

Sugaring at school and library ladder 012

We went to Peanut’s class and taught them all about sugaring.  Hubby has a fantastic presentation that ties the science side of everything in.  It is pretty great.

Then we give them a sample of sap, syrup and store bought syrup to compare.

Sugaring at school and library ladder 018

It was the first year we did not also go to Sunshine’s class – she is in the Middle School now, insert sad face!

Folding laundry is always more interesting when there is a cute kid under it.

iphonemore 005

This is what Bailey looks like when she rolls her ball beyond the line of her electric fence and is “patiently” waiting for me to return it.  If it was a video you would hear whining.  Check out how blue the sky is today!

iphonemore 013

I stayed up too late last night, and this is the reason


Color Me Katie.

I wish I could remember who linked to her blog last night that I was reading (if it was you, let me know!), but I was addicted.

I kept telling myself, just hit “older posts” one more time.  I haven’t read back on a blog that far in a really long time.

She is so unique, fun and fresh.  Worth a stop by!

We could all use more rainbows in our lives.  Plus, we are starting Peanut’s room soon and she sketched some ideas the other day, a lot of them look like Katie’s and there was a rainbow!

I have been feeling frustrated lately – wanting to be creative but not “feeling it”.

Well, the gears switched yesterday and I have a bunch of stuff to start.

But, I am preparing myself.  I am learning to accept that my process is pretty chaotic – my house will take the hit!

That may also explain the randomness of this post!

I am hoping that wherever you are, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and you are starting off your week with energy and a positive outlook!

Thanks for reading, especially in my random state of mind!

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7 thoughts on “Monday Randomness”


  1. This weekend, Saturday more specifically, it looked like your photo. 🙂 Today, it is gloomy and raining. But, with the lack of snow we had here this year, that rain is a good thing. It would be fun to learn more about tapping trees and maple syrup! 🙂 I am not feeling very creative lately either. I have scrapbooking design team assignments hanging over my head too. I did start spring cleaning yesterday. Kids are off for spring break this week.. why not get some help. 😉 Have a great week!

  2. Laura,
    Your jelly bean counting reminded me of my family reunion guessing games. The kids wanted to help count out the jars but we didn’t want the total to slip out and spoil the game. So my wife and I would count part of each jar and write numbers on slips of paper and let kids count last part to full.
    We put 3 or 4 slips in envelope and sealed it and added up count when guesses were in. No one knew the total while guessing was going on. Even we were surprised by totals.
    Love Bailey, our electric fence came with “keep away” discs to keep our 4 Shih Tzus out of certain rooms. If a ball rolls into that room they stop short and look around for help. There used to be at least 1 of the 4, or more, in trouble all the time. They do spend more time with us instead of wandering off.