Maple Syrup in Your Coffee



Recently I shared that we are working on a maple syrup cookbook.  We are so excited that we have so many submissions for recipe testers and for recipe ideas.  If you have been waiting anxiously, we will be notifying everyone by April 11th what are choices are.  You guys seriously blew me away.  I never even imagined that so many people would be so excited for us to be doing this project.  Not only have readers shared ideas, but friends and family as well.   This process has already been such a blessing and I can’t wait to see where it all goes and have the finished product in my hands!

Until then, I thought I would share with you today one of our favorite ways to use maple syrup.  No recipe or directions are required.  Just add it to your coffee for a delightfully sweet addition!  How much or how little is really a personal choice!


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3 thoughts on “Maple Syrup in Your Coffee”


  1. How have I never thought of this? I love maple syrup! Seems like a much healthier way to “flavor” coffee than w artificial syrups and creamers!
    Thank you !!!

  2. There’s a little bakery in St. Paul that I love (Bread & Chocolate) and they make something called a Swedish Latte that got me hooked on maple syrup in my coffee. Maple syrup, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dash of cardamom, in a latte. I have tried maple sugar instead of syrup, but it’s just not maple-y enough!