Many Happy Things

So, of course, I must begin by saying…

halloween greeting

This is part of a vignette I have in my family room that I never got around to sharing this year, so I thought I would least use it to send you…

Happy Halloween greetings!

Halloween is also a big deal in this house, because the day before, is this girl’s birthday.


So, my second Happy, is to my girl for her 11th birthday.

There was a slight glitch in plans for her party.

In the form of 16” of snow.

Peacocks, soccer, bday, snow 239

Never expected to wake up on her birthday to this.

Since she was scheduled to have some friends sleep over the night before, we had to cancel.

She was disappointed, but handled it so well.

I am so impressed with the young lady she is becoming.

I am so proud to be her Mom.

My third happy comes in the form of a pink ukulele.

Meg's Bday 052

Doesn’t every girl need one?

Last week, when I participated in the show in Lafayette, I did some birthday shopping and this lovely item came from the Rose Petal Porch.

It is just the push I need to finally finish her room.

I figure I got an extra week till her party happens so that is my sign to get her room FINALLY done this week!

Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is great and filled with lots of Treats and just a few tricks!

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6 thoughts on “Many Happy Things”


  1. It was warm here yesterday (66F), yet snowed this morning. At least my kids are very excited for the first snowfall of the year! Happy Birthday to your little one…Oct 30 is the BEST day to be born (speaking as an Oct 30 babe myself).

  2. LOVE the pink ukulele!! How fun! I can’t believe you guys got so much snow, just crazy but I am glad that everything was handled well. 🙂 She is absolutely adorable my friend.

  3. Happy birthday dear daughter! And hope you had a fun Halloween! I was in class last night so I took the boys to a “Trunk-or-Treat” Saturday evening in the midst of that same weekend snowstorm, though we received mostly sleet and snow that wouldn’t stick. My oldest wanted to be a beekeeper, so his younger brother & I were bees….I was the QUEEN bee! 🙂 Dad did take them out for a bit to get some MORE candy on Halloween….as if they need more! Don’t they know Mom can’t resist the temptation for chocolate?! 😉

    When my oldest turned 5, it was during the East coast “Snowmageddon” in 2010, so we had to cancel his birthday plans too…until June, when we had a party for him at our annual family vacation at the beach. Whatever disappointment he had had in February was forgotten as he partied at his June beach party surrounded by family and friends!

    So your daughter isn’t alone in having to postpone a birthday celebration! (I hope this is received in the spirit of understanding and solidarity, which is my intention, and not as “cold” comfort!)

    Have a great week!