Loving What is Around You and Making Room for What You Love



A friend of mine recently added an addition onto her home so that her mom could begin living with her.  I happened to be there as she was loading some of her things back in her kitchen with her sister.    I found myself reflecting back on when we renovated our home six years ago.  When we started putting everything back together, I really tried to remind myself over and over that if I didn’t love it, I shouldn’t be making room for it.  If we didn’t love it, we donated it.

As my friend unpacked boxes, her sister and I recommended that she consider starting a sell pile.  Very quickly, she found the pile form and grow.  If she didn’t use it, she didn’t need it and she didn’t love it, it went in the pile.

I have made many such piles in the years since we renovated, whether it be clothes or things in our home, but trying to only make room for the things that I love.


Make Room for What matters most to you


The piles are just one part of the puzzle in making your home into a home that you truly love.  Melissa from The Inspired Room has just written a book that is guide for this whole process called Make Room for What You Love.


Make Room for What You Love - New book by NYT Bestselling Author of Love the Home You Have - The Inspired Room


Her book takes you through step by step ways to develop habits to get your home as you imagine it in your mind.  How it gives you comfort and makes you smile when you look around at what is around you should be your focus, not the piles of clutter.  I have always said that home is where you can most be yourself.  An important part of that is keeping it organized and not being overburdened with just too much stuff that you don’t love.


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Room by room and step by step, it is possible to make room for what you love and give yourself some grace all along the way.  Stop by these other inspiring ladies to read their thoughts and ideas on how to simplify your home to be what you really want it to be.


Make Room For What You Love - A Blogger Tour of Inspiring Ideas to Simplify Your Home and Life - New book by NYT Bestselling Author of Love the Home You Have and The Inspired Room

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5 thoughts on “Loving What is Around You and Making Room for What You Love”


  1. Hi Laura! I’ve been meaning to write to you and tell you that your Evergreen candle is my Honey’s favorite (mine too). It doesn’t have an overly sweet scent and makes the house smell so inviting. And I have started on my purge journey. Our house is filled with “things” not a lot of what I don’t want/need/or enjoy. If I had the courage I’d have a garage sale but a lot of the things will be donated. I really love your home. Have a great week.

  2. I ordered her new book (already have her other one) and it arrived Saturday. I am looking forward to some good ideas. I definitely need to clean out a lot of stuff! Also love the ideas I get from all of you.

  3. Hey girl love the post! I am just like this! I love to have organization and try to have just what I love! This would be a great book!

  4. Good Morning Laura, I went through the de-cluttering process in my home over a year ago. I was tired of being surrounded by “stuff”. It felt so good to walk into rooms with just the right amount of furniture and things….and to also open closet doors and not have something fall out! I will check out Melissa’s book. Thanks and have a great week!