Okay, Laundry Room – It Is On!



Here is the thing with laundry.  Even when your done, unless you are naked, you are not done.

You are never done.

There is always laundry to be done.  I have been known to threaten my family with requiring them to wear whatever they have on at that moment for the next week.



So, in partnership with Glade, I decided to get the laundry room a little more organized and a little prettier.  Maybe if the laundry room is a little more decorated, a little more pulled together and smells a little nicer, laundry won’t be so grueling?

We can only hope my friends.

First thing I did was bring in some of my favorite vintage finds.   I don’t usually like to go so “themey” in a room, but vintage laundry stuff is just fun.  A grouping of washboards, some with galvanized (my favorite color) and one with glass, stack up on the shelf to fill in the space.

I have had this vintage laundry soap tub tucked away forever, now it is out to just be pretty.  Why don’t they make labels like that anymore?




After years of hunting (literally), I finally have the perfect Putnam Dye box.  When you are a Putnam, and putting together a laundry room with vintage laundry stuff, it seems it is a requirement.  Don’t you agree?  Plus, it just fun and colorful.

Oh, if you didn’t know, my last name is Putnam.




Years ago, I came across this vintage laundry bin.  I struggled for the longest time about buying it.  I saw it and then walked away. Sauntered back numerous times.  Then, I finally got my head on straight, bought it and skipped to the car with it.  I have had it everywhere in our house – holding firewood, as a Christmas tree base and being left lonely in a closet.  Now, it is where it is intended to be – holding laundry.

These laundry bins are now for sale through a lot of stores in the new version (just Google Steele Laundry Bin).  They are a bit pricey, but that doesn’t mean you have to use a plastic laundry bin.  Why not a basket?  Even a vintage wash tub would work great for keeping it all kept together until you get it through the wash.

And in case you are wondering, that is not staged.  That is my pile of whites to be dropped in right after the pictures were shot (including new sheets, who doesn’t love sleeping in new and freshly laundered sheets?).




I left the small wooden ladder there because it looks pretty.  However, it is also as a reminder to figure out how to hang it from the ceiling to use as a laundry rack.  The challenge is, to hang it high enough so you don’t walk into the clothes, you can’t reach it.  I see a pulley system in my future.  I will let you know when we figure it out.




In the meantime, when hanging your clothes to be dried, why not use a vintage hanger instead of a plastic one?




One thing I have done for years is use an enamelware bin for my laundry detergent.  Since laundry labels are not as pretty as that beautiful blue bucket, use a pretty container to put it in.  A few weeks ago, I found the smaller green one to put dryer sheets in.  It was on clearance because the top is a little wonky, but that didn’t bother me one bit.




Truth time, we are the worst at leaving laundry in the washing machine for too long and then it gets smelly.  We have learned, that smell does not get out with just another washing.  Our trick of the trade (if you don’t already know this, get ready to be amazed), is to use plain white vinegar.  We buy it at the grocery store in the big bottles and add a cup to a load and you are good to go.

And speaking of smelly….

Let’s face it, the laundry room is filled with things that are not clean.  We have two daughters that play softball and run track.   The weather is getting warmer, well, you know where this goes.   We also have two dogs, one who is still a puppy.  You know where that goes also.   We keep a Clean Linen candle from Glade right in our laundry room. It keeps things fresh and clean smelling.  Clean Linen is one of those fragrances that make the whole room feel light and fresh without overpowering.  It is my favorite from Glade.

So that my friends is my game plan with the laundry room..

1 – Vintage finds make it pretty.

2 – Get the ugly containers for detergent and dryer sheets out of sight.

3 – Find an alternative to ugly plastic laundry baskets.

4 – Keep things smelling fresh with Glade.

Wishing us all luck on conquering the laundry room!

P.S. Why let the laundry room have all the fun?  Add a wax melt warmer and wax melts in your kitchen to bring freshness throughout.

If you want some more inspiration, check out Glade’s Pinterest page.




As always sweet friends, thanks for reading.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Glade.  However, all opinion ideas and dirty laundry are all my own.

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15 thoughts on “Okay, Laundry Room – It Is On!”


  1. Love love love!! I love your laundry room so bright and fun!! My room is so small it is just wrong and with 10 people I am forever in there.. Good thing I love to do laundry !!

  2. Hi Laura ~
    You are so right, making the laundry space pretty. You do have to do laundry every day, and why not have it look good ~ it makes that job seem like it’s not a job anymore.
    We re-did our laundry room about a year and a half ago, and it does make doing the laundry easier.
    I love your space, it is so sweet.
    Happy Laundry Day’s

  3. I love your laundry room. I love how open and big it looks. I think mine may be the smallest laundry room ever. In order to add space we took off the door and added roadside find school lockers. They are great for storage. If and when you come up with how to hang the ladder I hope you share. I have one waiting to be hung but can’t figure out how without it being in my way. You are always an inspiration and thank you for sharing.

  4. Love, love all the vintage touches. The Putnam dye box is certainly a must have for you and I love the laundry bin. I bet it was really pretty holding a Christmas tree. I can’t wait to see how you hang the ladder. I’ve thought of doing that myself but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. Everything looks great.

  5. Your laundry room is beautiful! It reminds me of a space that my mama would have had…but much more updated appliances!! I love all the images that you share and enjoy your blog immensely.

  6. Sorry to sound like your schoolteacher of yore, but #2 says out of “site”, which I think means the opposite of what you want to say?
    The spelling you’re searching for is “sight” I do believe.
    Okay, end of spelling lesson for the day.

  7. A really lovely space to do a really thankless job. Thanks for sharing-it’s given me some ideas to spruce up my own laundry space to make it just a tad more pleasant when doing the mundane. 🙂

  8. I LOVE that you were able to find the laundry dye box with your last name on it – very cool! We just moved into our house in December. Our “To Do” list is a mile long but making our laundry area more functional and attractive looking is definitely up there on the list!

  9. Lovely inspiration! The galvanized pots of flowers and washboards make me smile. And what a find on your “Putman Dye”. Our laundry is right on the back porch which is where you come into our old farmhouse. I have let it get out of control. So–I may need to grab the bull by the horns. Thanks for the push!

  10. Your room almost makes doing laundry seem like fun! Seriously, I don’t mind the washing, drying, even folding – I hate the putting away. Everyone in the house had their own basket of clean clothes, the rule was – you have to go to the basket, you have to empty it! Seems like I passed by aversion on to my children.

    Did not know Glade made wax melts – i have to look. and the Clean Linen is wonderful!

  11. I have this old linen laundry sack with a string tie , the front is embroidered , I should try and find that in my house. I am living with boxes we had a new roof put on the guy fell through the roof and caught himself or he would of landed on our tv. So they have put in a new ceiling on the half that was ruined; but the guy never primed “new drywall” first, I was not a happy camper. Cutting corners to save money. The roofing co is using one of their guys. The painting co. was expensive the way they talked.

    It would look nice in your laundry rm. collection of items.

  12. LAURA! What are you doing writing about how awful I am at doing laundry? I am right there with you my friend!~ LOVE what you have done to your beautiful room. Great tips too! Pinning and featuring you on facebook! Thanks!

  13. I’ve been told repeatedly, by many people, including at least a few repairmen, that dryer sheets are BAD for the dryer. We now use those Scent beads by Frebreese and neither laundry softer or dryer sheets. Yes, we have some static, but you can get those felted balls to keep that from happening.

    Having said that, your laundry room is beautiful! My laundry room doubles as the roomie’s and my closet, we have separate places to hang our clothes. I seldom wear tee shirts, I don’t like how they strangle me, but if I do want to put one on, we wear the same size. We can spend hours cleaning up the room and it seems like within a week its a big mess again!