The Latest & Shop Closing for the Year


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Hello sweet friends.

Life has been busy.  The good kind of busy.

Christmas shopping.  Bridal showers.

And shipping of lots and lots of orders.

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support, encouragement and orders over the last two months.  It is almost surreal to think back on all of it.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed on September 1st when we didn’t open on our original deadline.  We opened, we learned a ton and we couldn’t have done any of it without each of you.

We are going to close our shop tonight at midnight.  We want to make sure to get all of your orders out and to take time to spend time with our family for the holidays.  Plus, we have a wedding on the 27th.  My sister is getting married!!!!

We are going to spend the next few weeks talking through our plans for next year.   We have lots of ideas that we are going to work really really hard to figure out – and if they work, I really believe you will all love it!

I will still be around here over the next few weeks sharing a few more projects and posts.  And, I will most likely share some of the my favorites posts and projects to close out the year.




And there will lots to be shared with our sugaring season.  We are about just weeks away from the start of the season and Dana has been working like crazy to get the sugar house up and going.   We closed in the building fully, closed in a “clean room” at the back and have made some equipment upgrades so that we can produce more syrup.

I have to close with just one more thank you.  To all of you who write me sweet comments and emails.  To all of you who I never hear from.  Thank you for reading and providing us the opportunity to be on this journey to begin with.

Thanks so much for reading today and every day!


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5 thoughts on “The Latest & Shop Closing for the Year”


  1. That is quite a sugar house! The doors are gorgeous and I love the window over doors. You certainly have an American dream story well on its way. Congratulations!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I so enjoy your blog and all your creative ideas. Also, I wanted you to know I’m having my family for Christmas Eve brunch and your syrup will be on the table.

  3. Just two months ago I found your website and posts. I’ve looked forward to receiving them each day. The home tour was fabulous! Your pictures of snow around your home are refreshing because I live in California where we get not one flake! Have a joyous holiday.