The Latest Chapter of Our Journey

Hello dear readers.  I have had a few emails and several responder of the survey that have asked for an update on my husband Dana and the latest leg of our journey.  If you missed the first part, you can visit here.  And the second part, can be found here.

Well, we are having a good day, because Mr. Finding Home himself is sharing his thoughts with us today.

(of course, I have chosen to add in a few of my favorite pictures of him from these last few months)

The last few months have been a mixed bag of things, but I still know one thing – I choose him…


What’s up with Dana?

Greetings, this is Mr. Finding Home. Mrs. Finding Home has shared with me that there have been a few questions following her amazing post regarding our life changes.  What is up with Dana?

Well, it’s been a bit over 90 days and the answer is a lot and I don’t fully know.

We have done a lot in these last 90 days.

Trips to NH, Atlanta and the Outer Banks. Sports events, backyard time and a whole lot of Red Sox watching.

Many Finding Home projects and behind the scenes, lots of new things and new accomplishments for Laura and for Finding Home.

Through it all, however, I am still trying to get my head clear and learn how to live a meaningful life.


Here’s the thing, I was pretty used to going a million miles an hour, travelling all over the world and being one of the leaders of a pretty successful company.  It is very different when you take that away.

Now, I am the one who chose to take that away for many reasons.

And, I don’t miss the wake up in the middle of the night due to stress, but unfortunately, it’s been replaced by waking up in the middle of night with thoughts of “what the heck am I going to do with my life”?

The plus is, at least, that all the waking up is taking place in our bed versus some hotel in some distant geography.

Change is good, but I can tell you that, like many things that “are good for you”, it is more hard than easy and there can be a few side effects.

. Laura and I discussed for this move for years.  And many of those conversations involving us starting our own business.

Well, she has put in the long hours, put herself out there on the limb, and low and behold, she has created this amazing blog Finding Home.

As you can tell, I do help her out from time to time.  Finding Home is her passion, her creation and the fruits of her unending hard work, but it is all still pretty new to me.

It may well be where I hang my hat, working with Laura to grow Finding Home, as it is, and in new directions that hopefully appeals to our readers and community.


On the other hand, I may still be digging in a somewhat different direction in search of my passion.

I heard a John Lennon quote on the radio today. Loosely paraphrasing, it goes “My mother always told me to be happy, and when I went to school, the teacher gave us an assignment on what we wanted to be when we grow up. I said to be happy. The teacher said, you must have misunderstood the assignment. I said, you must have misunderstood life.”

I know that happiness has many layers and that grown ups do grown up things everyday because they have to.

I am good with that as I like to work hard.

But I do want to do it with passion.

So, the 90 day check in with Mr. Finding Home leaves with the message that the hard work is just beginning and I aim to not misunderstand life.

Fortunately, I have a great and supportive family and in particular, a fantastic and understanding wife (not to mention amazingly talented!) and this is more than anyone can hope for in life.

Thank you sweet readers, we can not even express how much we appreciate each and every one of you!

Take care,

Laura and Dana (aka – Mr. Finding Home!)

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18 thoughts on “The Latest Chapter of Our Journey”


  1. I love that quote. I recently said the same thing out loud to give it authenticity and validation -now to work on it! I would love to be able to step back from my stressed profession but alas as a single Mom with a 6yr old and no support- I am working to have my passion during those rare free moments. I just opened an Etsy shop again and recently found a love of woodworking and painting. Take care and best wishes!

  2. One day, I hope to meet you in person, because you have the sweetest family on the planet. Sometimes, the answers aren’t always in front of us, but the journey to find them is what fills our life. May your journey be filled with happiness and continued success.

  3. when i had carpal tunnel release surgery this year the dr told me that the nerve had been in a very congested, restrictive canal that he cleared/cleaned out and now, like a rubber band, it was bouncing around all free and crazy like in the very opened space. i had to do series of massage/manipulations to calm that nerve down and get it to the shape it needed to be in order to serve my hands and stop the painful messages it was sending to my brain. perhaps your heart was also living for too many years in a congested, restrictive environment and now that you have cleared/cleaned up some space it is bouncing around unsure of how to behave. but rest in knowing that together with God and your family your sometimes painful heart will be calmed down in order to serve Him and your family with a renewed zeal and passion for industry. massage your heart daily with truth of His word and the rest will come together…but take enough time to heal first 🙂

  4. I am glad you are all doing well. That loose paraphrase is something I tell my kids. And something I have to remind others when we are constantly defending our decision 15 yrs ago for me to be home with our kids. Yes, still to this day, we are defending that decision. Especially considering they are 25, 15 and 6. I love being home with them. Being there when they get off the bus (or picking them up from school as is the case with the little one), hearing about their day. As for my kids and us telling them that, our schools here have a problem with it too. They make the 8th graders take a career course, and start figuring out what they are going to do. The school was not happy with me two years ago when my daughter was in that class, because that is pretty much what I told them when i was to write my opinion on her three choices (it was mandated she come up with three career choices). I want her to be happy. I want her to get up every morning and like her job. If it makes her happy, then really that is all that matters.

  5. Wow, what an awesome post! I’m so happy for your family as you are in this new season of your life!! My husband is a pilot in the Air Force and travel and many many months away is the norm for us. This post gives me a glimpse of what the future could hold for us….more time home together, more time to just “be”. I hope you find something wonderful to be passionate about and to fill your extra time and that it is better than you could have hoped! : )

  6. Dana, and Laura,
    I am so glad you have the chance to regroup. Even just taking the time to enjoy life and see where it takes you can be a blessing. May you find your Happy Place.


    Ps I see by the pictures I wasn’t the only one painting a porch. Can be so relaxing, when it goes well.

  7. Wow! I think what you should be doing is finding a way to clone yourself! Not only are you the coolest in your view of life and meaning, you win awards in the husband, father, and all around good guy department. I can assure you all your answers about the future are out there just waiting for you to discover. Follow your instincts and the rewards will be many. And don’t worry about making a few mistakes on your journey, just use everything as something new learned.
    Best of luck on the road to finding who you want to be and how you can make a difference by what you do in life.

  8. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. My one encouragement is – instead of looking for happiness, which is fleeting and based mostly on our external circumstances, look for joy. Joy is internal and it remains with us in spite of external circumstances. No one and nothing can steal our joy. We have to lay it down. May God bless you on your journey.

  9. Your message is powerful and thought provoking…We have but one life here on Earth before we have the glorious eternal life…and you have chosen to live that life with happiness and love…and with that, everything else will fall into place…thank you Mr. Finding Home for this wonderful post…Mrs Finding Home says ‘she chooses you” and we all know “you choose her”…

  10. Dana & Laura,
    I often think of the phrase “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. I once heard Billy Graham say in an interview that the one regret he had was that he was away from his wife and children for such long periods of time. I suspect if he had a chance to do things over again this would be one area he would pray about and find more balance. Its takes courage and faith to change career paths and I hope Dana will share his journey and help inspire others who are considering the same.

  11. So good to hear this! All big life changes, whether we choose them or not, do tend to require more time than we may anticipate for it to all seem clear and “make sense”. I know the fact that you are seeking with INTENTION to create a meaningful life for yourself and your family will bring huge blessings to you all!

  12. Living a life without regrets is a rich life. I will never live in a “fancy” home or drive a “fancy” car, but I have a wonderful husband and we have raised two well adjusted and college educated sons together. I say together, because he too chose a life to be with is family over being away and making more money than we would ever truly need. Our sons have been blessed with two parents that were there at all games, scouting, etc. and have turned out beautifully even though they drove used cars when they started driving and while in college. I applaud you and your husband for seeing the process of the journey before it is too late. Your children are very lucky to have you as parents!

  13. Great to hear from you Dana. Thanks for sharing your story. Not sure if Laura mentioned, but my husband and I are going through a similar experience. It helps to know that there are others going through it. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and hopefully seeing more posts from you!
    Take care,

  14. Laura,
    First, I would like to say, I guess I got up to early Saturday and my brain was still asleep when I saw you at the market. When I got in the car and was heading home, it hit me! Hey, that was Laura from the blog FINDING HOME!!! I am so sorry that it took me awhile to wake up. I love the porcelain door knob that I purchased from you and look forward to adding it to my home décor. Will you be in Atlanta at the Country Living Show on Saturday? If so, I will be there at the Hometalk meet-up and maybe we can chat then. Dana wrote a wonderful post and I wish you both the best!


  15. Not sure why I haven’t found you sooner but just stumbled onto your blog yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style and your personality!! You and Dana are brave to share your life and changes but so many people will be blessed by you doing that! My hubs did a very similar life change years ago and now at 57 he hopes to retire in the next year…more life change (especially for the Mrs. who is a full-time housewife)!! God is good and will bless you abundantly as He just works that way!! Our 3 kids have benefited greatly by that change and we are so blessed!! Will be excited to hear where He leads you!!