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I have had several requests over the last few months to provide the measurements of the layout of our kitchen.  For those of you who emailed me and I did not respond – I am truly sorry, for some reason I had a mental block about getting this done!

When we redid our kitchen, the only change in space we made was removing a very small laundry room from the back corner, a pantry and a door to the garage.  Essentially it is the same footprint, just using the space better.

The original designer we were working with told me I could not have a sit down island.  I politely informed her that if we could not get a sit down island, for our purposes, it just did not make sense to redo the layout.  She did give us some ideas to move forward with, but in the end, we worked with a different kitchen designer that got us to this layout which works very well for us.

I do apologize if this is a boring post, but it is truly a functional effort to provide the information requested:

Measurement 1: From the fridge to the corner where the counter turns: 124”

Measurement 2: The space between the island and the sink: 41” (from countertop to countertop, not cabinet to cabinet)

Measurement 3: From the left corner all the wall to the wall: 130”

Measurement 4: The length of the hutch: 120” (this cabinet is also 18” in depth)

Measurement 5: Distance from hutch to island countertop: 39”

Measurement 6: Depth of island cabinet: 19”

Measurement 7: length of island countertop: 99”

Measurement 8: Depth of island countertop: 31” including a 10’ overhang

Distance from end of island to stove: 44”

Width of fridge: 36”

If you have any additional questions, please just let me know!

If you would like to read about our before and after of our kitchen, you can visit here.

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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Layout Measurements”


  1. I went back and looked at your kitchen redo awhile back. You made some great changes to your kitchen. I love it. It is beautiful. I love a roomy kitchen with ample storage and workspace. My kitchen is not huge (13×14), but bigger than our previous house with a galley kitchen (just under 10×10).

  2. I looked back at your before/after pics – love the way it turned out! Great use of space (using the tiny laundry area and small mudroom that was there. I always wonder what people are thinking when they build like that in the first place?!! Anyway, your entire home is beautiful!!

  3. Thank you so much for this information! Beautiful kitchen! I was curious about the depth of your island cabinets because they looked shallower than mine and, if I remember correctly, they also looked shallower than what you had previously. I’ll have to look back at that post. But I was interested because I would LOVE some more walking space behind our island when someone is sitting at it, and it hadn’t occurred to me that I could make my island cabinets shallower, thereby making the countertop shallower while still allowing for the overhang. I just measured them, and my island cabs are 25 inches. If I had 19 inch cabs, that would give me an additional 6 inches; I’ll explore this possibility. Thanks again, and enjoy your lovely kitchen!

  4. Wow. I love your kitchen. It’s simply stunning. Would you please clarify measurement #3 for me? Is it 130″ from the sink wall or from the edge of the countertop to the other wall? I have a similar layout but don’t have 130″ from the edge of the countertop, so not sure I’d be able to do this exact layout. Thanks