Just Run

When I was growing up, sports involving balls were not my talent.

So, I joined track.

When I started as a freshman I guess I looked like a girl who had just graduated.  She was an fantastic high jumper and hurdler.  So the decision was made that I should do those events also.  I went along with the plan.  After a few weeks of continuous tripping, falling and face plants, a new plan was made.

My coach told me:

“Laura, Just Run”.

So for four years, three seasons a year, that is what I did.

I ran.

Running became a major part of my life.  All my friends ran.  All of my weekends were running meets.

Here is a little gift from the 80’s for ya!


I am second from the right.   And yes, electric blue running tights were “in” in 1987.

When we would have a meet, our coach would gather us all together, get us ready for an inspirational speech.

And all he would say is, “Run” and then he would walk away.

I will admit, his technique really annoyed me.  Where was my inspiration, my strategy, the plan?


College hit, I stopped running competitively and as a result, pretty much stopped running.


Over the last 10 years I have started up running many times.  I have been plagued by knee injuries, cold weather and lack of motivation and have not stuck with it.

But, I have still missed it.  So, I would head out again, overdue it, get frustrated and stop again.

One morning this summer I was all dressed for a class at the gym, but something came up and I couldn’t make it.  So, I decided I was already dressed, I would run.

And for the first time ever, I just ran.

I did not time myself, I didn’t feel the need to go 3 miles, I just ran a little bit, turned around and headed home.

I did that for several weeks and by the time we got to the beach (my favorite place to run), I was able to get in some really great runs and it felt good.


It made me realize, maybe my coach knew all along what he was talking about, sometimes, you should..

Just Run.

So, today as a family, in the rain, that is what we did.


We ran in the Labor Day race that we have run in for the past 5 years.

But this time, my husband (I have to brag, he won his age group last year), stayed with Blondie,


I tried my best to keep up with Peanut.


(And yes, it looks like I am walking there, not sure what happened.)

As a family, we just ran.

We didn’t stay around, mostly because of rain, for the door prizes or the announcements of the winners.

We went as a family and enjoyed ourselves.


So, I have been thinking, maybe I overcomplicate a lot of other things in my life unnecessarily.

Maybe, I need to just run.

Just Relax.

Just Enjoy.

Just Laugh.

Just Live.

Just Love.

Just Be.

How about you?

Thanks for reading!


(oh, and thanks to our friend Tim for taking the pictures.  His son, I must brag again, came in 6th place out of 820 people.  He, however, is in the height of his competitive running career, so there is no “just running” for him!)

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6 thoughts on “Just Run”


  1. I love this! The pics of you and your hubby running with your kids are priceless. Great job! I am with you – now that I am in my 30s it’s good to head out and say each time “just run” instead of worrying about time and distance. Just enjoy.


  2. This one really resonated and there is such infinite truth in your statements.I remember a few years back my husband was traveling a great deal for work and it was not the best of times in the house.The kids would be driving me nuts and I really felt things start to go.So one day while he was gone I posted these notes all over the house (for me – not for the kids) that said, “Just be in the moment.Just be.” I completely get your point and need to get back to that point myself.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats to you and your family! What a great day. I really wish I enjoyed running even the slightest. However, I will take with me your advice to just “run”. It seems simple enough yet has so much meaning.
    Enjoy your week!!

  4. Wow….how I needed to hear this, Laura. Many years ago, I picked up running and loved every minute of it. I was up to almost 4 miles four times week. My weight was where it should be, my clothes fit perfectly, I was a size 6, and I felt great. *Sigh*…..then menopause hit and somehow 20 pounds crept on in a matter of a couple years and now I’m one very unhappy camper. I tried to run again last year – but was wary of my “out in the boonies” surroundings at my new house. Then came the plantar fasciiatis (sp). I bought an eliptical trainer. I didn’t like being stuck in my basement working out. I really miss running. I miss my size 6’s. I miss feeling good. I need to get out there and just run again. So…..thank you for this kick in the tookus. I needed to hear it. And….you go, girl!!!! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I’m a runner as well and am fortunate to have parents who run with me. My parents and I run a half marathon every year and this year we’re adding a Halloween 10 miler to our mix. You kids will love it that you guys run with them. 🙂