The Journey – Part 3


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When I last left you, I had just asked the dollhouse owners if the home they had for sale had maple trees.  After learning that they did, I wrote down all the information to look it up when I got home.  It was a “For Sale by Owner” so there was limited information, but the 50 acres was a big draw for us.

It became clear over the last few years that despite the fact that my husband was working a very stressful, high travel, “corporate” job, he craved owning land just like his dad.  I am not sure if I have told you much about this, but Dana grew up on a large dairy and maple syrup farm in NH.  His family still owns it today.

So, on Mother’s Day of 2013 we set out to see the house and land.

When we pulled up, this is what we saw.


You could see right away that it was a diamond in the rough.  The husband told us it was an old Sears and Roebuck house.  I still find it amazing that people ordered homes from a catalog back then.  Of course, what do the people of that time think of the internet now?

I knew myself well enough to know that I could not walk into the house until we knew what the land held.  I knew this was a no-go if there weren’t a lot of maple trees – sugar maples to be specific. The dream was a country house to get away and make our maple syrup where there were lots of maple trees.

We walked a good portion of the property.  All the time, having the most delightful conversations with the couple.  The husband told stories of camping in the woods when he was a kid and then showed us where he took his own children to camp.

It was all seeming like it was too good to be true.  They were so nice and had such good energy you just wanted it to work.

We walked.  And then we walked some more.  The husband commented that he had several people walk the property before but no one had ever gone this far in before.  I knew we were hunting for trees.

My husband can spot a sugar maple while driving down a road at 50 MPH in the dead of winter with no leaves.  I can only find them when they have colorful leaves in the fall.  I know, I should have this figure out by now.

After a while we came back through and started to go through the house.

This was the first room we walked into.


I immediately began planning which walls I was knocking down.  It was many.

And the furniture was for sale too.


The upstairs was filled with nooks and crannies and lots of ceiling slants.


The kitchen was pretty rough, but filled with potential.


And the grounds around the house were filled with beautiful trees and plants and there were several out buildings filled with lots of “junk”.



We finished our time there, never speaking a word between us except for casual conversation.

Once we were in the car, I asked (because I wasn’t looking, I leave that up to him).

“So, were there a lot of sugar maples?”

His answer, “three.”

And with that, I will leave you until the next time.

Did you guess or did you think it was filled with sugar maples?

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19 thoughts on “The Journey – Part 3”


  1. This is such a great story!! I kind of figured there maybe weren’t as many as what the owner was saying, but not just 3. What we would give to live on some acreage. We are at the point where we don’t like the neighborhood living. New developments have the houses too close together and we are sandwiched between some that drive us batty.

    Isn’t it amazing how certain things can just change your life? We have had a lot of talks about our jobs, and how sometimes the corporate jobs are so much more demanding. Great pay, but with a hefty price tag of a lot of demands, long hours and time away from your family, lot of stress. We have had people who we thought were friends knock us about our jobs. Their decent, but not a corporate job like what Dana had. This so-called friend is third in command at Sun Country Airlines out of Minneapolis. He is so stressed out, always working, has always been on-call. Considering he only took a short aviation class 28+ yrs ago, he has done very well. My husband on the other hand, didn’t want that kind of job. This guy knocks anyone who doesn’t have a high status job, which in our eyes is so wrong. My husband works hard (he is in management at the dist. center of an electrical wholesale house). He did pick up a part time job back when so I could be home with the kids and we didn’t have to put them in daycare (I work at a tax office during the tax season). We live in a decent neighborhood, have a house we built 10 yrs ago that we are changing, not quite to the extent that you have with yours, but still changing and upgrading. We go on vacations. Our kids aren’t needing for anything. You do what works for you and your family. He has that corporate job and is miserable, so unhappy and stressed out.

  2. This is just like an old fashioned serial tv show that leaves you with a cliffhanger every week. I can’t wait till the next one!
    Don’t keep us waiting too long 🙂

  3. Okay — I’m going out on a limb but I’m saying there were three acres full of maple trees or 3 dozen. This so sounds like KariAnne and her husband at Thistlewood Farm. I sure do hope it works out for you. Fulfilling a dream is so important and just think of all the rooms you could remodel. I am certainly hoping for the best. I am sure God will direct you to make the right decision. Also this is just like the old soap operas where you always have Nellie on the tracks and the train acomin’.

  4. Hoping the commenter who said 3 acres or 3 dozen is right cause seriously, 3 trees on 50 acres!?! And the provenance of the house (Sears!) and The furniture made my heart go pitter patter. We grew up in So FL diving and water skiing so i tell people my guy (who wanted to be an oceanographer) has salt water coursing thru his veins, your guy has maple syrup coursing thru his. Didn’t realize he was such a farm boy. It’s in his blood and hoping he can return to his roots.

  5. So without you knowing it or your husband saying so, you all probably began to return to the house, because by then your husband had seen three, and knew, “well, that is enough” A wonderful life story!

  6. I am so loving your blog and this story is an extra bonus. I can’t wait to hear more – let the adventures begin!

    1. I’m so enjoying this adventure. Don’t make us wait too long for the rest of the story…

  7. Okay – the trees part is killing me and I am DYING to know what is in the “junk” stash buildings!!! I am laughing at how into this I am – my heart jumped when I saw the title of the post and I am going to be late because I just had to sit down and read it!

  8. I love this, Laura! I want SO BADLY to get a place out in the country. Yes, my girls are raised, but I just want to go where there is PEACE!

    Outbuildings with junk? (YES!) THREE maples? Surely there are more . . . . ??

    Waiting impatiently for more! 😉

  9. Oh, Laura, you are killing me with the suspense! Now I not only have to know IF you got the property, but also what’s in the outbuildings, what kind of furniture was for sale, and if Marsha and John (fictional Finding Home soap stars) planted more than three sugar maple trees!!!! I’m loving it! 🙂

  10. Well, I’m pretty sure three trees was not what your husband was hoping for but the property looks wonderful. How many great memories your family could make there As far as the sears and Roebuck house, if anybody can make it beautiful I’m confident you can. It looks like it has great bones. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  11. Laura, you are killing me! These cliffhangers are too much! lol
    That property is amazing — that cute little Sears & Roebuck house, the 50 acres…fantastic. I thought there would be more sugar maples, but I’m guessing that 3 may have been enough — hoping??
    I love the little story you’re sharing and can’t wait to “hear” it all. What a fun adventure!