It's Hunting Season

I have been a busy little bee with treasure hunting the last little bit here.

Vintage Treasure Hunting I was fortunate to be two doors down from an estate sale last weekend.  Most of the stuff I got there is not in this picture, but more info on that to come.  However, I did get that great big paper cutter right down in front.

Although I still need to finalize the date, I am going to do another sale this fall so I am trying to gather up items for the vintage side of things.

I found several grate scales.  I actually have two of the bright blue ones.  And there is a chalkboard easel, an old tool box, a typing table, some old Nabisco racks, an enamelware pot and a beautiful apron with the guarantee label still on it.

vintage treasure hunting

Lots of great bottles, some shell bookends, a Borden’s bin and because I couldn’t hold back the Jersey girl in me, a great Wildwood ashtray.  Not a fan of smoking, but the graphics were too great to pass up.

I also got a whole mess of children’s chairs.  The painted ones are a hot mess, but I really think they will be great with some work. vintage treasure hunting

And, I got some AMAZING enamelware finds, all in really great shape.  The tray is huge, the footed bowl with the cover is incredible.  This is my second small tub of the season and the polka dots on the bucket are adorable.  I think I am keeping the tray and the blue bucket, but the rest is destined for the sale.

vintage enamelware I am hoping to get some more treasure hunting in the next few weeks.

Have you found anything great lately?


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10 thoughts on “It's Hunting Season”


  1. Hello Laura,
    Score, you have found some amazing vintage items. I especially love the white enamelware and the scales. Can’t wait to see what else you have found. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Wow, what great treasure you have found! It’s it a great feeling to have found so many wonderful things, isn’t it? I haven’t been hunting myself – well, I have done some internet browsing. Don’t have room at my house for much more stuff without some things having to go out as something comes in.

  3. Jealous!!! Isn’t it so exciting to find things like that. I bet your heart was just a pumpin’!!!!!!!

  4. You found some amazing things!! I love that little aqua scale, so cute! I can’t wait to see what you do with them an that is so cool that you are doing another sale, good for you!!!
    Enjoy your day!!

  5. What you hit the jackpot! Your next sale is going to be amazing – I’d have a hard time picking my favorites. The enamelware is amazing – I go all gooey over enamelware!