Ikea Hack Craft Table (& Craft Paint Storage!)

Ikea Hack Craft Table Craft Paint Storage

When we started out reworking our office space to also be a crafting space, I knew I wanted a craft table to work at.

I already had an Ikea tabletop that I had been using as my desk, so I decided it was the perfect project for an Ikea hack craft table.

Ikea Hack Craft Table

We have a limited floor plan for the amount of things I wanted to use this space for, but I had planned it out so that this table would fit in this corner by the railing.  This area is open to the family room and kitchen below.

I had been hunting for a stool just like this for a few months (that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money) and found this one with my friend Kathy a few weeks ago.  Someday,  I may try to get the paint off the back, but I figure it just makes it more authentic.  I have a second stool tucked in (and I am on the hunt for a third) so that the girls and I can work on project together.

Craft Table Home Office

I wanted to have a place that wasn’t the kitchen or dining room table that could handle paint, hot glue, etc..  This stainless steel top is perfect to hold up and clean up easy.  And being out of the main living area, I can leave a project and come back to it without it being in the way.

I also wanted a table that was not desk or counter height.  I wanted to be able to use it standing at a comfortable height.  Since, I am on the tall side, this desk was completed at 40” high.

Craft Work Table Ikea Hack

It is also the perfect spot for my newly organized craft paint storage.  I went “shopping” in my garage for something to use to store my paint, and this caught my eye.  When I brought it in and started filling it I was so happy with how well it all fit.  It is a little heavy because this is a vintage toolbox made from thick wood, but the handle makes it easy to move it around as needed.

Craft Paint Storage Tote Toolbox copy

Most of the time, when we work on a project – it is both Hubby and I.  I must admit, this one was all him.

I told him what I was trying to accomplish, he came up with a design and made it happen.

He is sweet like that.

We already had some legs from when it was my old desk.  He used the legs as a template to make plywood brackets to attach to the existing screw holes in the corners of the underside of the table.  He then attached 4 x4’s at each corner using screws drilled in at an angle.

Ikea Hack Craft Work Table

He used 2 x 4’s in an “X” pattern between the corners.  This provided needed stability without blocking leg room.  He notched the 2 x 4’s with a jigsaw where they met the 4 x 4’s, screwed through them and then added an “L” bracket for extra support.

Table Base Ikea Hack Craft Work Table

Where the 2 x 4’s crossed, he notched them out half way down so that they linked together flat.  If this is a little more complex for you, you can also just set one on top of the other and attached them with a screw.

Ikea Hack Craft Table Base

He then added locking casters to the bottom.  When the caster are unlocked, I can easily move the table.  I want to also be able to use it for taking photos and I can move it around as needed due to light.

Ikea Hack Craft Table

I am so happy with how this desk came out.  Now that all of my crafts supplies are organized, I am ready to get some projects done!

To see how we have updated this table further, please visit our post Craft Table Organization Tips.

Thanks so much for reading!


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12 thoughts on “Ikea Hack Craft Table (& Craft Paint Storage!)”


  1. Okay….I love so many things about this I don’t even know where to begin. 🙂 The tool box (which I totally copied)….the table….but seriously…..
    …….the truck?
    You are SUCH a rock star. 🙂

    Happy day!

  2. you had me at “craft paint storage” because this has been a big one for me to solve once we reinvented where my art studio was to be located. i love the tool box! and it will do a great job hiding from the living room below the view of all those projects you can leave out!. but since i have over 200 bottles of paint i needed something bigger. i finally found wooden spice racks at ikea that our daughter flew in with her from DC with this weekend bringing an extra suitcase that didn’t make sense to her husband . what he was really worried about was the stuff she would fill a now empty suitcase with to take home with her 🙂 i will have the hubby install them, as soon as i tell him about them 😉 i use an old drafting table at a 39″ height which i also love. mad about that chair! did it come with wheels and seat cushion/covering that were removed? i just love love it! i have two of them but they have unwieldy wheels and old green vinyl seat/back that have seen better days.

  3. How cute is that truck? Oh my goodness. I never see things like that in my yard sale and thrift store travels. Adore the toolbox paint storage, too. Actually, I love everything about the room!

  4. 2 months later… I just found this post via Pinterest. FYI, those white ‘magic eraser’ sponge-like thingies WILL remove spray paint – a little at a time. ( ps, i’m a little envious of your work space!)

  5. Laura, OMG this is absolutely amazing I’m so impressed with your work space and how everything went together as if it was meant to be. I’m sure you’ll love it and find it so handy. Lucky you that your husband is handy mine not so much

  6. I saw your paint storage on Pinterest 🙂 LOVE IT!! Your hubs is super cool to do that for you. I have one of those myself (hubs) we’re using the big bedroom for a craft room. He builds dioramas and I do other things. We’re going to split the room and put an island in the middle WOOHOO! We’re also going to use the largest closet to store stuff. I’m going to ask him to build that toolbox, but it won’t have the history yours has…