If it’s not done, it’s not getting done

It is official – I am done decorating.

Tonight we finished the tree.  We started it the other night but quickly realized that we were all cranky and tired and decided to hold off.

Decorating Christmas Tree 020

I mostly sat back and watched the girls and the hubby decorate the tree.

Decorating Christmas Tree 029

Decorating Christmas Tree 037

And then we put a fun tree in Sunshine’s room.  Last year it was in the basement, but I thought it might be enjoyed more often up here.

Decorating Christmas Tree 047

Anything that wasn’t done tonight, was put away in the attic.  That is it, if it is not done, it’s not getting done.

There will be no village this year and there are few other things that didn’t get done.

And that is okay with me.

Now is the time to step back and enjoy the holidays.

Oh, and get some shopping done!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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13 thoughts on “If it’s not done, it’s not getting done”


  1. Love it! And I like the birdcage picture holder in Sunshine’s room…any chance you remember where it’s from? Thanks =)

  2. Looks like you all had a fun time Love the girls white Christmas Tree… what a wonderful family.. Merry Christmas to all of you…

  3. So true! I’m also done, and what didn’t get done won’t. Definitely time to enjoy the wonders of the Holiday and make new memories. Hope you have a beautiful Holiday Season.

  4. I am with you. Somehow the tree decorations don’t look as nice when that big pile of stuff is still in the middle of the kitchen table:) I finally moved all the boxes and bins and other extraneous mess to the garage yesterday. Time to relax now.

  5. My goal after the decorations are up is to clean the house and just set down to relax. You can feel yourself absorb the Spirit of Christmas and the joy of family. Whatever doesn’t go up this year looks new again next year.

  6. I was the same way this year and there is something so freeing about not having to have it all out. Christmas will come again. But the short amount of time we have left of this Christmas season is going to go by so fast and I want to spend it enjoying it all! My husband’s work schedule recently changed and he has been working a ton more than usual. After having our outdoor lights sitting in our living room for three days I decided to pack them away. He doesn’t need the added stress right now and I didn’t need to look at those bins anymore. It is sometimes just better to put it away until next year.

    Love that minnie mouse santa hat! How cute is that! 🙂

  7. This past Christmas it was very difficult to get it together, so to speak. Of course, grad school might have had something to do with it….