If I were to get married again….

If I were to get married again, I would most definitely marry the same man.

I loved everything about our wedding, don’t get me wrong.

But… if I were to do it again, it would look something like this…

I think a chandelier like that is certianly in my future.  Just not sure how you light the candles and not burn the wood…?  Update…there are holes cut in the wood to allow for the candles to be lit…I should have figured that out, oh well..

Barn Dining Room-Napa Wedding-The Bride's Guide-Style Me Pretty

Place Setting-Napa Wedding-The Bride's Guide-Style Me Pretty

The best part is what this wedding was based on, The Giving Tree, one of my all time favorite books.

To see more information and these photos, visit here.

Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “If I were to get married again….”


  1. I love that chandelier as well.
    The wood does not burn b/c each jar that is hanging through a cut out circle in the wood. So the flame & smoke go up through that hole. I’m assuming this would be how you light it as well.
    Just thought I would add that b/c my question was the same as yours until I looked @ it a little bit more.
    Have a great day!