I Have a Reputation

Yup, it is true.  I have a reputation.

Sugaring at school and library ladder 034

A reputation for liking old and dirty stuff.

And, if it is old and dirty and has our name on it?

Shut. The. Front. Door.

Yup, that is what I said when our friend and neighbor brought me out to our driveway to see what he had brought me.

Sugaring at school and library ladder 030

Yup, a beautiful “P” on each side as well.

Are you swooning yet?

Sugaring at school and library ladder 022

It is an amazing library ladder, on casters, that can be stored flat on the wall and then pulled out to actually use.

Sugaring at school and library ladder 023

And what is even better – he can get me as much rail as I want as well to actually use it as intended!!!!!

Sugaring at school and library ladder 035

Oh the possibilities this opens up.

I am so glad I have a reputation – as a lover of all things old, forgotten and maybe with a story to tell!

Now I have to find a way to pay it forward!

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13 thoughts on “I Have a Reputation”


  1. This is so awesome!! I totally want one. But first I want a library to put it in. lame, I know. But we have so many books, if we had a library, then I could put shelves all the way to the ceiling and use this to reach them all.

  2. Wow, not only is it beautiful, it fits beautifully into your home! I love your decorating style. I love how you contrast light and dark furnishings. Awesome.

  3. What an awesome neighbour! So cool that it has your family name and initials too, although it is a totally cool piece on it’s own too. AMAZING piece. Did you do a happy dance right there in the drive-way? hehe