I am Officially Old & A Fairy Garden Update

It’s official – I’m old.

Last weekend I thought I was all fancy and all swinging at the park with my daughter – aiming for the trees..

iphone mid june 028

Fun stuff right?  I thought so.

And then it was over.

iphone mid june 035

Instantly – I was sick – motion sick – ugh, get me off!

iphone mid june 036

Had to sit on the rocks and take Advil when I got home.

Really – I am only 41 – what happened!?

And then today – I confirmed it further.

Sitting in the driveway potting my last planter – stood up scooped some dirt.

That was it – I was down like the ladies in the Life Alert commercials – so much pain in my back.

I always have my phone on me – not this time.

After a painful and shameful successful attempt at standing up – I managed to take some Advil and then just sit for an hour.

I was afraid if I laid down – I wouldn’t get back up.

Horrible – I hate this.  Not sure if it was from my workout, or hanging my light fixture, or just scooping dirt – or just old fashioned – O.L.D!

If the weather holds out – tomorrow I will be photographing all of my outdoor projects I have been working on – since it wasn’t happening today!

In the meantime, I thought I would share new pictures of our fairy garden.

iphone mid june 120

This is where we started…

Fairy Garden 049

Now the peat moss has broken down and everything is filling in.   And we have some beautiful – and appropriate I think – clover growing in.

iphone mid june 121

What do think – do you like it better all neat and tidy or haphazard and grown in?

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14 thoughts on “I am Officially Old & A Fairy Garden Update”


  1. I like the fairy garden now. What a great project. Hope your up and running soon, back pain is no fun. Where is the adorable looking porch that you took your instagram photo from? Haven’t seen any photo tours of that room!

  2. Now, help me with this…if my daughter is now O.L.D. does that mean I have, without warning, moved into the A.N.C.I.E.N.T. category??? Thanks for the update!
    Oh, and by the way, I like the Fairy Garden grown in. The Momma

  3. I know exactly how you feel on the feeling O.L.D.! I am a little older then you, but still on the “young” side of it all. Just have to take things slow~er these days. Pace myself. Very cute fairy garden by the way. I am seeing them all over blogland. Those miniatures can get expensive. Very cute though and everyone is different. Might just have to make one myself! Hope you have a better day!

  4. ha – this post cracked me up – poor girl! I was just trying to swing with my daughter the other day too and 1) didn’t fit in the swing like I used to and 2) yep motion sickness too – what in the world!!!

    love your little garden…so fun!

  5. Hope you feel better, but seriously wait until you are 52 like me! I can ride roller coasters but swining makes me woozy…may be our rearranged center of gravity:) I love the fairy gardens…my mom and daughter made one last week.

  6. I knew exactly where you were going with this before I even finished reading the post. lol The same thing happened to me in my early 40’s. I couldn’t believe it! I spent my whole childhood on the swing set! lol I’m 52 also, let me warn you, it will probably be a serious sensitivity to scents next. I get so sick from most scents. They’re only a few I could tolerate. Original Tide, Original Downey, Ivory dish soap, and that’s about it… All due to AGE! lol

    I love your beautiful Fairy Garden… I have to get busy with one. 🙂


  7. Your fairy garden is adorable. I’ve been thinking of doing one too. I’m 50 and I have fibromyalgia so I totally understand where there are days doing a small thing is a big deal. I hate when people think I’m lazy. What’s bad is that when I’m motivated I want to keep doing stuff till I drop and then I drop for days or weeks. Don’t be hard on yourself! Heat and other factors can make the issue worse but you may want to check your blood pressure and stuff. I hope you recoup fast. 🙂

  8. I like the garden grown in, and it’s nice to know that I am not the only one who can’t get on the swings anymore! I feel your pain! xo

  9. Laura, you’re a baby! And if you are actually 41 and look like that photo, you got nothing to worry about. Injuries and aches and pains are just inevitable. But I think your gardens are superb.

    The mushrooms are a great touch!

  10. Laura you are not old…you’re just a baby. In three months I will be 70 and I have two daughters about your age. Just hang in there and if that back keeps hurting don’t put off getting it checked out. I did that and had to have two surgeries. Nip it in the bud now and you will probably just have to have some physical therapy. I really hope your back gets better soon because that is some really bad pain! I love your Fairy Gardens and just discovered your blog tonight…it’s wonderful! Take care…..