Home Tour: Part 4

This is almost the last stop on my friend Julie’s home tour.  I already showed you the..

Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Now I am sharing the family room.

This room is a little awkward because it serves many function.  Julie has rearranged the furniture many times in here.  And, I must admit, when I took the picture I rearranged one more time.  She was at work already when I did this.  I feel quite certain she has move back the chair that I moved.

Please excuse the less than ideal pictures.  Ideal circumstances would have been to take these later in the day.  However, she lives in Massachusetts and I live in New York.  I had a 2 o’clock meeting to make it to, so you are getting 8:30 am photos.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 188

She put a fun arrangement on top of her armoire to transition between what she had for Christmas and what is to come for spring.

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 197

band concert, julie visit, julie house 198

  This is a view from the other side of the room.  She has a round table that can be used for homework or extra space for meals since this room is right off the kitchen.

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 213

I absolutely love her raspberry red sofa and how can you not love a green zebra ottoman.  Every time I am at her house, I want to come home and add more color to mine.  She does it so very well.

band concert, julie visit, julie house 235

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 255

The rug brings together all of the colors.  She is a master at finding Pottery Barn items at a discount on Ebay.

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 273

Next time I visit, I hope to get picture of the kitchen.  She was not ready for her close-up on this morning.  This room into the kitchen look out onto this beautiful view.

 phone pictures 023

Does it get any better than that?

And just for another little beautiful tidbit, here is part of her entry.

 band concert, julie visit, julie house 275

Next time I visit, I will work to take pictures of the kitchen and some other parts of the house.  I do still have one more thing to share next.

Have a great day!

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  1. What a beautiful and spacious room! I love the colors she chose and that rug is soooo pretty!! I need her help in finding things like that, I stink at it! 🙂 Oh those beams!!! I can't wait to see more!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!