Home Office / Craft Room Progress

I thought I would update you today on the stalling progress of our home office / craft room.  We went fast and furious for a bit, and now things have slowed.  And, as tends to happen I have had focusing issues and started several other projects in the interim.

But there is enough accomplished to share at this point.

The goal is to go full force now since BOTH of us will be working in here full time now and the kids are home for summer.

Since I do not feel the need to show once again the chaos that was the room before, I will start with the room cleared out and the boring beige paint color.  Don’t get me wrong, beige is great in some rooms.  But this room needed to be bright and white.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Aren’t my painters cute?

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Oh, and if you ever need motivation for painting – this does the trick for me!  I dare you to listen to “Hey Mama” and stay still!

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Now it is white and ready!

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Then I moved on to storage and this fabulous vintage locker set has been waiting for its spot of glory.  It will be filled with craft supplies, paper, etc.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Then, I went hunting and found this fabulous piece.  I knew it was perfect when it JUST fit in Dana’s truck.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

And then full on planning went into place.  On the long wall we are building a “semi-built-in-desk”.  It will be a place for our girls to do their homework, work on projects, computer work, etc.  The goal has always been for this space to be a place for all us to relax and work together in.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

With our plans in hand, we went to Home Depot and had a LOT of wood cut. Can I just say they were amazing?  Let’s just hope that my planning was equally amazing and this works!

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

We brought it all home, organized it – and that is where it still sits.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

Actually, that is not true, we built one box and worked the kinks out.  Honestly, we have never built something of this scale before.  But as I keep telling Hubby, it doesn’t have to perfect.

We did move on to the one corner which now looks like this..

Home Office & Craft Room Progress And, I began sorting and organizing craft supplies.  There is a long way to go with that – but one thing I found is I am craft hoarder and a ribbon hoarder.  It is almost embarrassing some of the things I didn’t realize I had.  The good news is I found this AMAZING vintage neon ribbon.  The picture does not do it justice.

Home Office & Craft Room Progress

And that is where we are at.  I am hoping by the end of the weekend to have the desks for Dana and I complete and in place.  We also need to strategize the “work table” a bit and find some vintage stools for it.  Oh, and we need to build that desk!

Wish us luck!

You can follow along with our progress on Instagram and Facebook and I will be using the hashtag #operationofficeredo.

Thanks so much for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Home Office / Craft Room Progress”


  1. Laura, that spot is charming! Love the floral slipcover and little anchor pillow and the little model posed in the swing-like oval frame and the table, oh my! I just found out last night I am moving my office/craft room/sewing room/ Snuggery into the guest bedroom Instead of the garage so all my ideas & planning had were turned on their heads and I have to rethink everything. (We are taking the present craft room and guest quarters and making a little effeciency apt for our grown son who has come home to live so my space has to be squeezed in somewhere else) My mind is all twisty so this post is timely for me. Have been wondering about your room. This has a overlook to downstairs, right?

  2. I am sorry it has taken so long for me to answer this post but with the move, via blog, things have been very hectic. Everything is really coming along in this space and I can’t wait to see the cabinet you are building. The piece that you purchased for the room is really cool.


  3. Found your blogspot today via Pinterest..You and your DH sure are clever and gifted people. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. I’m inspired by your home office set up. This is kind of what I’ve been wanting to do for my own self.