Home and Harvest 2011

When I was about 12 years old, when I probably should have been thinking about all the boys in Teen Beat, I was instead sketching my dream retail store.

Seriously, I am not lying.

Dork, right?

That’s okay, I own it.

If anyone is familiar with Westwood, NJ, there is a triangle shaped building built right into a corner, kind of in the style of the Flatiron building in NYC.  In the 80’s, it was abandoned.  It used to house an old school pharmacy / gift shop.  Everything was still as it had been left the day it closed years before, right down to the greeting cards right on the racks fading in the sun.


That was going to be my store.

And I was going to sell scrunchies and hair accessories.

Before you judge too hard remember I was about 12 and more importantly, it was the 80’s and it was Jersey.

Scrunchies were quite essential to a 12 year old Jersey girl at that time.


So why do I tell you this now?

Because the older I have gotten I have realized more and more that really is still my dream, minus the scrunchies of course.

But, the realities of our life and two amazing children who I am working so hard to raise well, make a retail life unachievable at this time.

And, let’s face it, the brick and mortar retail market is not what it was in the 80’s.


For over ten years I have been gathering articles about people who began holding sales in their homes a few times a year and have been successful at it.

That became my new dream.

Except, one problem.

I was a scaredy pants.

Until last spring when I finally decided to just do it and held my first sale, Bloom and Shine.

Was it a stellar success.

Not overly, but you can read about that here.


turtle quotee

This turtle quote has been my push.  I may move at a turtle’s pace, but I am still moving forward.

When I started this blog a year ago, my main goal was to push myself towards having a sale and I have decided to give it another go.


My hope is that those attend will find items that are unique and interesting.

I am trying to be very focused on reasonable price points.

What will be found at the Home and Harvest Sale?

Vintage treasures, unique furniture, home accessories, fall and Halloween decor, a little bit of Christmas, some jewelry and hopefully a whole lot of fun.

Here is a little sneak peek of some of what will be available.



I also have items coming from some artists / crafters that are really fun and unique as well.

If you would like to “Like” Finding Home on Facebook, I will be adding updates as well.

If you are interested in attending, we are located in Orange County, NY.   Send me an email and I will forward you more information about our location.


I am getting back into a regular schedule these days, I even cleaned out my office and I have a place to work other than the kitchen table.  So, you should be hearing from me more regularly these days.

Thanks, as always for reading, and have a great weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Home and Harvest 2011”


  1. Good luck with your sale! ‘Wish I was close enough to come to it. I loved reading about your last sale. It was so neat how you set it up!

  2. Laura I wish you great success, I commend you for giving it another go as I read your first post after the first sale. So great that you are making your dreams come true and putting it all out there, it must feel good after all these years. I’ll be thinking of you down here in Westchester.

  3. Love, love, love the delicate way in which you shared your dream with us. Behold the turtle. Can’t wait to give you a big hug next weekend! xoxo

  4. Laura,
    I wish you would do your “dream” store online for all of us that don’t live close by…I had a friend here in Atlanta that would have a sale in the Fall,December and again in the Spring and it was something that we all looked forward to…it grew by word of mouth and gals would be lined up outside her house …..

  5. Hi,

    I just found your blog and saw your beautiful home. Looking at this post and your dreams of selling home decor made me think of a store we have here in Eugene called Real Deals. They are only open two days a week, do warehouse pricing, and have decor similar to what you are selling. You may want to look into it as a franchise, or something similar may help you reach your dreams.