Holiday Home Decorating – Saturday Market

It is official.  I am ready to start thinking, planning and scheming for Christmas.

So, I thought for today’s Saturday Market, I would share some holiday home decorating ideas.

Last year, I filled our home with a lot neutrals and greens – but this year, I say bring on the reds!

Here are some fun ways to bring a mixture of reds, textures and a little bit of whimsy into your home this Christmas.



1. Something about the color and shine of these cow bells I just love.

2. Okay, this is a splurge.  I have long expressed my love of silhouettes and embroidery.  And these two bring them together beautifully.  And with red.  Love.

3. I love the simplicity of this stocking.  And I love the price.

4. A little splurge, but I also have a soft spot for anything French, especially at Christmas.

5. I have always believed that when I see a cardinal, it is a little check in from my Grandfather.  I still miss him so, especially at Christmas.  I may be buying this one for myself.

6. Just plain cute salt and pepper shakers.

7. Again, a splurge, again embroidery – but man, do I love this pillow.  They also make one with Paris.

 8. Simple, pretty and a great contrast with the red.

9. Another silhouette – I am consistent if nothing else.  And the classic Christmas images are just perfect.

How about you, what is your plan for decorating?  Classic red?  Green? A mix?  Or do you go in a whole other direction?

And if you are really not ready to think about Christmas, stop by to read my Thanksgiving Table and Thanksgiving Kitchen ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Home Decorating – Saturday Market”


  1. Lovely ideas, Laura! The long NYC skyline pillow is beautiful. I love touches of red at Christmas and it’s the only time of the year I do use red. I also like a bit of aqua and lime green on the tree and other spots. I’m more of a traditionalist I guess. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  2. As a 21 year old college student still living with her parents, the only part of the house that I get to decide the decorations for is my bedroom, and it may be November but it’s already decked out (it’s less weird because we don’t have Thanksgiving in my country). I’ve gone with red and white, too, though for me it was a coincidence that I ran with. So excited to see how you deck those halls this year!

  3. Laura, I love the French inspired Eiffel Tower ornament. Last year, I bought some mini Eiffel Tower cloches at Home Goods that went so beautifully with the aqua, silver and white color theme that I used. I haven’t decided exactly what I will do this year but I love your ideas!