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Maple Fondue as Featured on Design Sponge

Okay, I have talked about it forever, but this is the real deal – we are writing a maple cookbook!  We are so excited about it and we hope you will be too!  It is going to be more than a maple cookbook though.  We are going to share some projects, some fun information about making maple syrup – but mostly it will about the amazing yumminess that we call maple syrup.  We feel it is time to move the syrup bottle past the breakfast table and bring it everywhere we cook – and drink!  I feel like I need to come up with a hashtag here, something like #maplesyrupismorethanabreakfastfood.  A little long I recognize, but you get the drift!



Maple & Cheddar Cheese Appetizer


Cooking is a real ebb and flow with me.  I “home-cook” in spurts.  When I do cook, I tend to cook by “feel”.  You know what I mean, a little bit of this, a little bit of that until it is just right.  So it is out of my general nature to “write recipes”.  Not writing recipes limits me from sharing what we love so much so now is the time to change that and set things straight.  So, for the next few months I am going to be trying and working on recipes and sharing the process all along the way.

But the best part (at least I hope so!), is that I want all of you to be part of it and help us make it happen!



So here is how this is going to work – oh and it involves giveaways!

Tell me what you want to see.  What type of recipe, project, ideas or information would you like to see in our cookbook?


If you want to share your ideas and suggestions, please just comment here.  Oh, and by commenting, you are entered in a giveaway!  At random, we will choose one winner from the comments to receive a Maple Grove Candle and a 16 oz. Farmhouse Bottle of maple syrup!  We will pick our winner on February 26th so you have plenty of time to come up ideas.

Do you want to help me test recipes?


We are looking for five recipe testers.  We will send you about five recipes each for you to try out, make suggestions etc.  We will of course send you all of the Finding Home Farms maple syrup you need and give you a budget for any ingredients, and a Finding Home Farms gift basket of lots of fun items.  We will also feature you in our cookbook as one of recipe testers!  Just send an email by to me by February 26th at and put “Recipe Tester” in the subject area.  We will select five participants and then give you more information from there.  You don’t have to be an experienced chef, in fact, we are looking for a mix of experienced and inexperienced cooks to get a good sense of the recipes.  Oh, and of course we will send you a copy of the cookbook as well.

Do you want to submit a maple recipe to be included in our cookbook?


Are you a recipe pro and would like to submit a maple recipe for us to include in the cookbook.  Fantastic!  We will include three reader recipes to be included in the cookbook with a highlight and a feature on you!  It can be anything, a drink, an appetizer, a dessert or a main dish.  I would say nothing too complicated that needs four hours of prep because, well, ain’t no one got time for that!  We are looking for creative but doable ideas.  If you are featured in the cookbook, we will of course feature you and little bit about you, send you lots of maple syrup and pantry products, five copies of the cookbook, shout outs on the blog and social media, and a $50 gift card to Williams Sonoma so you can buy yourself something pretty for your kitchen.

We will also share five additional recipes on the blog!  Anyone  who is featured on the blog with get an amazing gift basket filled with all kinds of Finding Home Farms maple syrup and pantry products, and a copy of the cookbook when it comes out.

To enter your recipe, email me at and put “recipe submission” in the subject line.  We are taking submissions until April 1st so that you can have plenty of time to come up with ideas and try them out.

***update – we are only going to be including recipes using maple syrup – thanks!***


Maple Bacon Cheese Cups

I am so excited about this!  I think it is going to be way more fun to write this cookbook with all of you instead of on my own.  I am so thankful to this blog and for where it has lead us with our business, so it just made sense for it all to be part of this cookbook.  Truthfully, of course we are offering lots of giveaways in appreciation for your participation, because it is just funner that way.  Yes, that is a word.   Most of all, you will have our truly felt appreciation.

I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas!

Thanks so much for reading!


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26 thoughts on “Help Me Write Our Cookbook!”


  1. hey girl this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the cookbook! I just love to cook and bake mostly! I would love to see a lot of desserts in the new cookbook! Cakes,cookies,cupcakes you name it! Love ya

  2. Oh I LOVE this idea! We were in Vermont this past summer and had lots of maple syrup inspired dishes! one that stands out is a Maple BBQ pulled pork with some mild Indian spices. My daughter ordered this one twice! We also had maple lemonade at a farmers market that was delicious! I will come up with some more ideas later.

  3. Hi!! I’ve already made a recipe using your maple syrup and I have it posted on a blog. Is the link to that recipe all right to send in? I think it’s a great main dish recipe — very tasty!! I think this cook book is very exciting. I will be following you all the way.

  4. Include some clever recipes that taste and look wonderful, but can easily be made in very small kitchens with limited utensils! I live in senior housing and our kitchens are not only small, but have very little counter top/prep space and storage space. Sometimes when I’m trying to cook like I used to when I lived in a house and had a large kitchen I feel like Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory! Maybe there’s even a project idea in here for making the most of small kitchen storage. Just because we’ve downsized doesn’t mean we don’t want it all!

    1. Oh Teddee Grace, I also live in a senior living complex and you are right. I guess because we have moved to small homes we are supposed to have small bowls,pans and just forget rolling out a pie crust. I try to look for the good and that is at least we don’t have to walk far to get to the other side of the kitchen. I do get tickled though when I turn in circles to find a place to set something down.

  5. Hi laura, how exciting. I enjoyed your first book Rustic Modern Metal Crafts so much I can’t wait to read your cookbook.
    I would love to see recipes that are simple and easy to make. Ones that do not have a laundry list of ingredients that you would have to search all over for. I would also like to see pretty pictures and lots of them. The picture of the maple bacon cheese cups looks delicious. I may just have to make them this weekend to take to a gathering my husband and I are going to.
    I wish you and Dana the best of luck and can’t wait to read your cookbook.

  6. Sounds like a fun cookbook. I’ve made roasted parsnips with a maple- chili glaue before – great with pork or other veg and very simple.

  7. I would love to see some slow cooker recipes. I tried a slow cooker chicken teriyaki recipe that had maple syrup in it a couple of weeks ago that sounded good, but didn’t live up to the expectations. Maybe something like that? I just know that slow cooker meals are perfect for a busy household.

  8. Emailing you now. Would love to be a recipe tester. Would love to see savory recipes as well as sweet recipes with your syrup in your cookbook. Also, a section on how to package up your syrup for gift giving would be sweet.

  9. Oh how fun!! I will admit I love a good cookbook and one with a maple syrup theme even better!! Hmm what about preserving recipes…. jams sweetened with maple syrup?
    If we submit a request for recipe tester consideration do you have any information you would like included? Thank you!! (Can you tell I am a little excited about your project?!)

  10. I love reading your blog, Laura, and I’m so excited about your cookbook project! As an avid collector and reader of cookbooks, and as a lover of all things maple syrup, your book will be pure joy for me to use and enjoy! I’d be so honored to be one of your test cooks, and I’d surely love the task of tasting your recipes! Best wishes, regardless!

  11. I would love to see some main dishes and some easy desserts. I hope to see some pretty serving ideas too. You always have the prettiest table settings and center pieces.

  12. Would love to be a recipe tester. Here in Florida we are planting our seeds now, so will have plenty of fresh veggies available for new recipes before long. I’m not an accomplished cook/baker by any means, but I do love to experiment. How about some maple syrup in bread recipes?

  13. I really hate to confess this for the “Blog World” to read but I love your posts and I feel the need. I have never tasted Maple Syrup!! Growing up in Texas 89 years ago it just wasn’t easily available…but I have it on my bucket list (no pun intended) of things to do (time is getting shorter), along with learning Calligraphy, Water coloring and practicing my Ukulele. All that aside I had a thought about the cookbook title…Maple Syrup Anytime. Not terrific but shorter.
    Gook Luck , I know you will have success,,,keep focused and everything will come together.. Jere

  14. I would love to try some gluten free muffins flavored with your amazing syrup! Was actually thinking of trying to come up with something! I am sure this cookbook will be a great one to have on my kitchen shelf.

  15. Wow! What a great idea! Love that you want to have your”fans” help out with your new cookbook! I know we live in a world where we can look up pretty much anything online but I still love holding a book in my hands. I really like it when cookbook writers include little stories or tidbits along with their recipes, some stories that tie things together with the food. And lots of pics, too! I’m sure it’s going to be great! All the best!

  16. I am SO excited about your cookbook and how awesome are you to include your readers in the process? I love that you hope to share some of the maple syrup making process in your book – that is what I would choose to see along with the recipes. And of course gorgeous photos, which I know you’ll have.

    And recipe testers? Seriously???? OH MY WORD, I would LOVE that! 🙂

    – Dori –

  17. A cookbook! How exciting! I love maple syrup! It would be fun if you have a breakfast section with maple syrup recipes! Also maybe a section with drinks (non alcoholic and alcoholic)? Cant wait for the finished product!

  18. What a great idea! I have served your recipe for Maple Syrup and Cheddar Cheese to friends several times. It’s so fun to see their skeptical expression when I tell them to taste it, and then turn that same face into joy, as they reach for more. I also love putting the syrup over popcorn. One of my favorite breakfast memories comes from a now closed restaurant in Connecticut. I don’t know how they did it, but maybe you can figure it out. It was maple syrup french toast. I don’t know if they used an egg based batter first and then dipped the bread in maple syrup, or just dipped the bread in straight maple syrup. It was then fried. It was caramelized nearly crispy, but still soft on the inside. Oh, I would love to have that again.