Handmade Gifts

Every year at Christmas time, the days leading up, I hear the saws and sanders begin to buzz from the garage.

And it is the greatest sound ever – I will admit, I get excited for the thoughtful handmade gift my hubby makes me each year.

And this year, he made two.

This beautiful wooden box cut completely (including the bottom) from a piece of firewood.

Handmade Wooden Box

And the sweetest wooden toolbox ornament made from the crate wood from my Grandfather’s Connecticut house.

I really think he loves me and he sure does know me.

How sweet are those rounded edges?

Handmade Toolbox Ornament

And the idea caught on in our family this year.

The schools my children have gone to have always had some sort of Holiday workshops where they could shop so they could pick up small gifts from them for their families.

Now that my older daughter is in middle school, she had to come up with something for people that she could make since she no longer had a Holiday workshop to attend.

This year, she made her Grandmother a mason jar snow globe.

Handmade Gifts

And I thought I would share last year’s project that she and I worked on together.

The bowl is from a glass set she uses each Christmas and I found at an auction.

We place fake snow in the bottom layer, filled with a piece of Styrofoam (glued in) and built a village inside.

Handmade Gfits

The houses were plain paper mache and we painted them, decoupaged sheet music and added  a whole lot of snow and glitter.

We also added several trees, some carolers and a snowman.

It is one of my favorite projects and we had a blast working on it together.

Handmade Gfits

She also made a gift for her Grampy – a snowflake made from old maple syrup taps on a slice of wood.

Handmade Gifts

And I got in on the handmade business this year as well.

I made a Christmas tree for my Dad and my sister out of the crates used to build my Grandfather’s house in Connecticut.

Handmade Gifts

And for my sister, I also made a jewelry organizer made from a frame, chicken wire and burlap.

I also added some vintage knobs to the bottom to hand the heavier jewelry.

Handmade Gifts

And I kept going with my vintage sleds and my Mom got one as well.

This one amazingly already had her name hand painted on it when I found it – even spelled the same way (MaryAnn)

Handmade Gifts, Vintage Sled

So even though, the Christmas season has ended, I learned a lot about gifts this year.

One – I like handmade gifts so much more.  As much as store bought gifts can be fabulous, handmade gifts show that we are willing to take the time to really think through what someone would love and then make it for them.

And two, I really need to start these type of presents earlier!

Thanks so much for reading!

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21 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts”


  1. Wow! These crafts are so remarkable that they will stand out from the rest of the decorations at home. If someone gives something like this to me, I would be so extremely happy and burst with tears considering the effort of making such things. 🙂

  2. HA HA…starting earlier, YES! I had plans to make all my gifts from a stash of damaged vintage quilts I bought last summer… then new gran-littles were born, house construction commenced & “the fine art of living” just got in the way. so gift cards with a promise of homemade gifts attached were given instead. I am starting NOW for next year. The snowflake…amazing. The Christmas tree? WOW you are the master of Christmas tree design! I bow to you! Your dear little tool box…your husband knows you so well (or he has been reading your blog:)

  3. What thoughtful gifts! I would love to receive any and all of them. More importantly, I would love to give gifts like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. While the kids in our family have a “normal” gift exchange, the adults in my family all exchange handmade gifts. I love it because many of them do not have a “crafty bone in their body” (so they claim) but we all come up with some pretty amazing gifts – just like you and yours. They are the best aren’t they? I love your pictures!

  5. I Love it. I always crochet things to offer as I’m a passionate of crochet and the tradition is disapearing in my Country… I had a wrist problem past year that didn’t allow me to do as many as I use to do and enjoy and I felt deprived and missing “something”… people really like handmade things. It reminds me of:

    “People will forget what you said
    People will forget what you did
    But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    And you spend so much time with their presents – there’s no way around it – that it makes them feel very special. So nice to see the Precious Girl involved in the same line.

    Bless your Generous Hearts,

  6. YES and yes on starting earlier…i am thinking July!
    I love the tree made from old crates…so cool:)
    i am a handmade fan too…so glad that is catching on

  7. So many talented family members. And I especially like the gifts your husband made you–so sweet! My favorite, though, is the tree made out of crates. (Such a perfect gift!)

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