The Greatest Gift Project – Take Two (Or three?)

On Monday, I shared about The Greatest Gift Project.

I shared how the idea has been tugging on my heart for a long time, but I just can’t seem to get it going.

My dear friend of my heart, Kari called me after she read it and told me how much she loved the post.  But because she is a friend of my heart, we are totally direct with each other.  And so she told me, “but you didn’t tell anyone what to do with it.”

And, before she said it, I knew she was right.

Truth time – I doubt myself all the time.  Doubt my talents, doubt my abilities as a mom, doubt my abilities as a blogger, doubt my ability to really make a business of Finding Home, doubt my appearance, and right now, I am really doubting my decision to cut my hair.

Why is it after you cut your hair, all the old pictures of you with longer hair suddenly look fantastic?

I am beginning to think I didn’t ask for anything because I didn’t want it to fail.

My mantra always is, if you don’t ask, the answer can not be yes.  So, in order for the answer to not be no, I didn’t ask.  Quite logical actually!

So, here is my new plan – I am going to ask for a little bit.

But then, I am going to do it anyway.

I am going to share from time to time, most likely on Saturdays, what is inspiring me – who is making a difference in my life.

It will be a mix – those from the blogging world, the internet – and the people in my life that inspire me and make a difference.  Sharing our stories.

I do all this because I truly believe that letting people know they make a difference matters.

That telling people the project they created is inspiring and brings a little beauty to my day.

To letting them know that their friendship is your foundation.

I am also going to be doing the same thing on Instagram – using the hashtag #thegreatestgiftproject.

A quick and simple way to let someone know they matter.

So here is the ask…

Take the time to let someone know they make a difference – not publicly, don’t tell me about it – just do it.  Because really, that is the whole purpose here.

And do it often – with your children, your spouse, your friends, your children’s teachers – all the people who are part of the everyday.

And, if you want to join along and do it publicly through social media – I would love to be inspired by you and hear your story.  Share on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook.

And the last ask, follow along on the Pinterest board where I will be sharing all different things that are inspiring – from articles, to graphics and stories.

Whew, there you go.

post-divider Now, who is inspiring me this week…

My dear friend Debby called me last weekend.  She asked me what I was doing in September.  That seemed a bit early to be asking right?  Well, in September she is celebrating a milestone birthday.  When her hubby asked her how she wanted to celebrate it – did she want to go on vacation, have a party?

Her answer was, “I want to spend it with Laura.”

Make me heart fills up still a week later.  Debby used to live across the street from me and was there for me when Sunshine was born.  My Mom was in a terrible car accident when Sunshine was two days old and was in the hospital for a long time.  Debby stepped in and took care of me, showed me the ways of motherhood and forever cemented our friendship.

All these years later – to be able to spend this time with her has me absolutely giddy.



Whoever said that wisdom comes with age doesn’t read The Handmade Home.  This girl is just a spring chicken, and her insights and grace inspire me daily.

This article is so worth the read.


I know I shared something from this same author last time as well, but seriously, this girl is so good.  Her words and approach remind me to slow down.  Taking the time to slow down and notice your children like this are truly an amazing gift to them and to us.  If you too would like to be inspired, you can read her latest post here.


peanut baking

This girl, my Peanut inspires me daily.  She has faced some struggles these last few years.  Struggles I wish I could share more to find help from all of you – but at her age, I really need to respect her privacy.

I have learned that I have to let her learn things in her own way and in her own time.

But then, I forget and I get overwhelmed and I just want to fix everything.

But that doesn’t work, not for any of us.

So it is in these little moments when she declares that she wants bake muffins – with no help from me or her sister, that I am thankful and inspired. Admittedly with both struggle with not helping her and we are working on it.

It is a reminder that we don’t have to tackle the world – that even baking muffins is a time to be appreciative.

And they were super yummy!

And while I am thanking her – um, cleaning the fridge last night, including checking all the expiration dates, was beyond amazing – thanks Peanut!

That is all for today – wishing you a great weekend sweet friends!



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7 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift Project – Take Two (Or three?)”


  1. Laura, what a nice way to start the weekend — thinking beyond ourselves and all that is truly worthy in this world. Family, friends, the ones closest to us, what would we be without them? I truly believe we’d be empty shells. Thank you for a beautiful post and I am following on Pinterest.

  2. Thanks for the great tip in Friday’s blog. Namely the tierd galvanized plant stand. Shut down the computer and went straight to Target .I had been eyeing one at Pottery Barn but refused to pay $70 plus tax and shipping. Right ? You made my dat , Laura!

  3. Laura, LOVE these thoughts. LOVE the links you shared. I’ve just recently discovered The Handmade Home – LOVE how she shares her heart and her journey! Also, The Hands Free Mama is new to me as of this week. LOVE her encouraging words! I’m typically a very “private” person on my blog. {My husband has been a youth minister for 18 years, the past 14 at a large church, and this has probably led to my more “guarded” approach to sharing} I really like to stick to the decorating and the craft projects. But, I’m feeling a REAL tug to start sharing a bit more of my heart. A bit more of our journey… Not easy for me… Thanks so much for this challenge of #thegreatestgiftproject! I’m in! Life to the full! Melissa

  4. Laura..I have tried to make it a point every day to let someone know how much I appreciate them, whether face to face, or a simply written note…today, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you…your words, your inspiration, you being such a wonderful wife and mom…never doubt yourself…never try to live up to something or someone who you may “think” has it all or has it “together”…you are an amazing person. And I so remember you writing about your friend Debby and your visit with her a while back…to have someone want to spend their very special day with you…well it just says it all!!!…

  5. Wow! This is an amazing post, thank you for sharing all of that from your heArt. I couldn’t not comment…. I have been following your blog for awhile, I started because of the pretty pictures of you beautiful home, then the yardstick deer head cemented the deal for me, lol. But I have to tell you that these type of posts make me glad I chose to follow along. You make me realiZe that many women have the same struggles as I do with that STUPID inner voice that causes us to doubt just about everything we do. Even though we so so much! You are so super talented and it is obvious that your mothering skills are top-notch (that Christmas song by your Peanut filled my heart-talk about super talented!) so, even tho we don’t know each other, I want you to know that I think YOU matter, and thank you for inspiring me in many ways, but most for reminding me today to slow down and appreciate EVERYTHING!!! You ROCK!

  6. Bloggers and blogs about crafting, creating, decorating are fun and entertaining but when the blogger goes beyond that and shares their heart, allows a glimpse of their tender spirit it’s so much more…it is inspiring, encouraging and a blessing. You are a blessing. Have a happy, happy week! 🙂