Grace & Grocery Store Flower Arrangements

Interesting title I realize.

I set out to share with you one of the best grocery store arrangements I have ever put together.

Pretty right?


But as I sit down to write, I can’t stop thinking about Grace.

But, I promise, they actually come together quite nicely.

I have been thinking about grace for a few weeks now.  What is grace really?


…can describe someone who carries themselves with elegance.

…it can mean granting goodwill.

… it can mean polite manners

…it can be a name, and is the middle name of my Peanut.

…it can be a prayer of thanks.

…and at its foundation, it can mean the unmerited favor of God.  Something not earned, just given.

But I am beginning to realize that grace is a truly all encompassing word.



And just as it can be given to us unearned, so we too should grant it to others.

I am learning more and more how important this is.  That, sometimes, instead of harboring anger or frustration, to grant grace a little more often.

I am trying to teach my girls this.  In times, when someone behaves in a way that disappointments them, I try to show them what other things are at play and encourage them to grant them some grace.

I am learning, that even when facing frustrations and challenges, that we should do so with grace.  Hold our ground, but do so with grace.


And I am finding, the hardest and least natural place to give grace is to ourselves.

We are frustrated with our bodies, our accomplishments, our short tempers, our parenting, our friendships, our imperfect homes, mistakes we realize we have made – whatever it may be.

Why do we struggle so much with granting ourselves more grace?


So today, I ask you to give yourself grace.

Try it out and see how it feels.  We are all imperfect and trying each day.

Why not do something for ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be a grand thing or occasion.  Just the everyday graces of accepting ourselves where we are right now.

The simple grace of filling our homes with flowers when it isn’t a special occasion, doesn’t have to be lavish – it can simply be from the grocery store.

And of course, I will share with you how I did mine – there is a secret ingredient.

Part of it is from the produce department.  Yes, I started with collard greens.   A different perspective while picking out my lettuce showed me how beautiful the veined leaves really are.

I simply layered them in first, turning the leaves so the darker green side face upwards.


And then I layered in some pretty simple pieces I found in an arrangement from the flower department.  I looked through all of them until I found some that were interesting and would combine well with the collard greens.



And then I just layered in the roses, one by one at different heights and I was finished.


Then, I took the remaining flowers from the first arrangement and layered them with some additional collard greens in a smaller size.


I placed some in the front foyer and some in the family room.



Little reminders of grace to see each day.  Keeping fresh flowers in my home has been a goal of mine for the last few weeks – just a little something to brighten the day and make our home feel a little more special.

Or wear a brighter shirt or a pretty lipstick, just something to make YOU feel special.

I am not sure if you have noticed, but I have started signing my posts differently.

“Wishing you a day filled with grace.”

And I truly do.

Thanks so much for reading.


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25 thoughts on “Grace & Grocery Store Flower Arrangements”


  1. The flower arrangements are beautiful and thank you for the good wishes. We are in the South right now and there is something to be said about the graciousness of a true Southern woman. I’ve been reading Rhonda Rich and I really love the concepts — it follows yours with “grace”. Once we get back home I also want to start filling the house with flower arrangements. Have a wonderful day and your beautiful flowers made me smile.

  2. Laura, If our Sr. Pastor read your opening, he could and probably would make a sermon out of it. That is beautiful! Could I share it with him? His sermons grab your attention at the beginning and doesn’t let go until his time is up and the sermon is finished. He is amazing. Your flower arrangement is very pretty..My next door neighbor buys a grocery store arrangement to put in a vase in her living or dining room every week. They add such beauty to the rooms..
    Thanks for sharing this Grace with us. It helps to start our week off on the right foot and frame of mind.

  3. Beautifully said, Laura. There seems to be an epidemic going around blog land lately. I wrote a similar post last week and have read others as well. Why are we so hard on ourselves? It’s as if, by showing ourselves a little grace, we are somehow lazy or not giving or doing our best. Good heavens…..God already knows we’re not perfect.
    I love your flower arrangements too. The greens added so much plus stretched one bouquet into three. Gotta love that!

  4. Every year my daughter and I chose a word for the year, without any discussion ahead of time. This year she chose “Fearless” and it is something she works on every day, beautifully. I chose “Grace” and have embraced the phrase “everything is a grace”, hoping to find, or make, more of it in my life. Your post spoke to me this morning, and I thank you for starting my day in such a lovely way.

  5. Great post, Laura. I am a perfectionist but learned in the last few years that it doesn’t serve anyone to be too worried about it. It drives my family crazy and keeps me dissatisfied. That’s no way to live. My favorite flowers this time of year are coming straight from my yard. I love going out to snip a few.

  6. Love your message and among collard greens, of all things. I live in the south but have never thought of using them in a flower arrangement. Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Laura you have the gift of writing that’s for sure! And you have me looking at grocery store flowers all the time now (starting a few weeks back), I’m amazed at how far an $8 bunch will go in my kitchen and bath! I’m loving the purple cabbage? piece and the collard greens, truly a gift. Enjoy this beautiful day 🙂

  8. Laura,
    Great post and makes me understand how important treating myself like a friend is important.

    The floral arangements are great and the use of unusual leaves it great.
    My mom loved roaming her yard to use unusual leaves. She would use a small twig of Oak leaves for dark green or use them when they were red or orange to add color to fall arangements. The Peony or Lilac leaves are pretty even when the flowers are done. The leaves can highlight flowers so well. You need fewer flowers when you add wonderful leaves.

  9. Hi Laura, the last couple of years my word to learn more about was “Joy” and this year I decided to learn more about “Grace”. It’s been difficult at times to think I am worthy of God’s grace and I love Romans 6-14: Live under the freedom of God’s grace. That is such an awesome thought! I plan on practicing giving the Grace I have been given daily…some days I’m more generous and some days I have to pray for that generosity. Love your blog and your generosity.
    Cheryl Ann

  10. Oh I so love this post Laura…you write so eloquently and with much “grace”….I love filling my home with flowers and live plants…just bought more of them today . . they just make anyone smile…I learned as I got older that we cannot change the way people feel and act . . and sad that they will never feel “the grace” . . . My mom always told me that if we feel love inside for ourselves, everything else will fall into place…What is that saying? . . If someone was blind, would they be impressed by you?… Love the way you are signing your posts now….

  11. Thank you Laura for your post today. I am going through a hard time (my husband who is the love of my life is very ill) and your post was just what I needed.

    1. Cynthia, I’m so sorry that your husband is very ill. I know it is hard on you as well as him. My thoughts and prayers will be with you tonight.

  12. Just a good and timely post for me…Thank you… I love your arrangements, how pretty o use the collard greens in them.


  13. What a fun idea! I saw someone do this a while back and it still looked overwhelming to me but I love the idea of using fun veggies. Our summer farmer’s markets always have beautiful flowers, which is also the best place to find interesting greens to use in the mix. Since that’s my mission this summer, I’m going to try this for sure!

  14. This speaks to me today, Laura. Just this past weekend I determined anew to take care of myself. Now I am going to think of it as showing grace to myself. Thank you!

  15. This was meant for me tonight. I am always astounded by God’s grace toward me, but lately I have sure been beating myself up for a lot of things. I don’t want to mentally cancel out God’s goodness to me by placing my own harsh attitude toward myself ahead of the grace and mercy He’s already given! Thank you for the reminder to be gentler on myself.

    p.s. The flower arrangements are so pretty! Love the way you used the greens : )

  16. What a beautiful post! Love the analogy between the flowers and extending grace. The arrangements are simply gorgeous; and I will never look at collard greens as ‘just another veggie’ again. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful lesson. Have a great day!

  17. Lovely! My days were filled with Grace, my mom’s name, and my gdau is Lily Grace. 🙂
    I love fresh flowers in my home, spring and summer from the yard, winter from the market.
    Some people are just blessed with grace, you always feel good around them.
    Here from Marty’s.