Gold Spray Painted Hydrangea

I love a mix and a contrast.

Vintage mixed with new.

Rustic with refined.

And so with that in mind, yes, you guessed it, I painted more things gold.

Actually, this was my first idea – the seed so to speak, and then it grew from there, and I kept going.

gold spray hydrangea grouping

I know dried hydrangeas are already beautiful, but as seems to be my pattern this fall,I felt it needed a little zhush.

So, I spray painted them gold.

Gold Spray painted Hydrangea

Not completely, just a little enhancement, a touch of spray, specifically Krylon’s 18K Gold Metallic spray paint.

Gold spray painted hydrangeas are pretty, right?

gold spray painted hydrangea

Oh, and you may have noticed in the picture there was a glorious contrast of rustic and refined – seeing gold spray paint on rustic wood makes me giddy.

I simply taped off the edges so the bark stayed pretty and rustic, primed it first so it didn’t absorb all of the gold paint.  One coat of the same gold spray paint, and I was finished.

Seriously, what is more elegant, yet rustic and totally fall than gold spray painted wood?

 gold spray paint

I am pretty sure that concluded my sharing of gold projects this fall.  But don’t forget, Christmas is around the corner!

Are you wondering what else I painted gold?  Well there were pumpkins, and skeletons and acorns – oh my!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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16 thoughts on “Gold Spray Painted Hydrangea”


  1. Thanks for the little chuckle when I saw the words “spray paint” in the heading! I knew you were still at it. Hopefully outdoors while wearing a mask, I might add. A friend who is a floral designer showed me a great tip years ago using spray paint. In her shop they would mist the poinsettias with gold paint on the tips of the of the petals/bracts. It is elegant and also prolongs life to the weary looking plants. I do it most years since.

  2. Hi Laura…thank you so much for linking your beautiful mantel to our HAPPY HOUR party ….I am a big fan of your blog and having you visit us makes me smile….thanks again….xo Lucy

  3. I have a few hydrangeas that are going to look perfect with this technique! Love the way yours turned out! I’ve enjoyed your spray painting spree, and I’m pinning this one!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. Oh my….you bring back memories of my childhood! My mother belonged to a ladies fund raising group and every year they put on a large bazaar. My mother and her friends would annually get out their crafts and go to town. Our house turned into centerpiece heaven. Foliage, foam, containers, candles, ribbons etc. They were beautiful and so creative. We knew the end was near when the smell of spray paint was in the year and my Mom would be sporting glitter on her cheek. Everything had a touch of gold or silver spray and they just couldn’t leave it until it had some sparkle on it. That was in the 50’s and 60’s. Dear women giving generously.