Goals: Part 2

In my last post, I shared with you Goals: Part 1 and I told you about the incredible experience of my husband’s first marathon.

Also jammed into this past weekend was my Home and Harvest Sale.

Before I get into what that has to do with goals, I thought I would first share some pictures of the setup.

The weather was stunning.


I took night pictures because a good portion of the sale was held at night.

I worked with a bunch of lampshades I had picked up this summer to soften the “garage” lights.  The center hanging ones have Christmas light strings inside.  All of the exposed bulb fixtures were also covered with shades and I hung two large drum shades with hanging light kits picked up at Ikea.


The offerings were a mixture of Halloween, Fall, Christmas, home decor, furniture and lots of vintage treasures.


This is the exterior during the day.  Sorry they are so washed out, like I said, it was a sunny day.





I also offered fabric flower pins and a few pieces of jewelry assembled from vintage elements.


So, how did it go?

Not great.

Traffic was slow.

But, those who came gave really positive feedback.

I get that this building up this type of thing takes time.

(If you would like to read how this sale came about, you can read here.)

But, as I usually am fully honest here, I am not going to stop now.

There was so much work getting ready for this and it was a let down.

I have such a strong visual in my head of what my goals are for this side of my business.

So, I guess the lesson here is you can work really hard and not meet your goals.

But that is okay, it is part of the process.

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again.” [Proverbs 24:16]

But no worries,

I may be down.


See this picture – me, smiling and relaxed.

That is a picture of when I still hoping it was going to happen this time.


I am holding on to that vision and moving forward.

Of course, I am also stepping back and realizing that changes need to be made.

(I am going to try something new in two weeks – I will let you know how that goes!)

I read several blog posts about sales this weekend that were an amazing success.

I know it can happen, I know it is possible, I just need to keep trying to figure out how to get there.

This is one of the biggest parts of my “Finding Home”, and this blog is the story of the Journey we are all on…Finding Home.

So, thanks for reading and as always thanks for being part of my journey.

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17 thoughts on “Goals: Part 2”


  1. Your sale looks incredible. Boy do I wish I lived in your area! I’m sorry that the traffic was slow, but sure you’ll learn from it and grow your business well.

    Great post about your husband and his marathon too!

    Have a great day.

  2. Laura I was thinking about you all weekend and so thankful for your honestly and sharing your journey. I share in your same frustration, people always, always say ‘you should sell your projects’ and then it’s a let down because they don’t sell. So glad to see others are in the same boat trying to find the right venue and what works. But we keep plugging forward, take care.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience – I’m sorry it wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped, but hang in there. Sometimes it takes just finding that one right person to drum up business for you – good luck!

  4. As someone above sort of hinted to, I’d suggest selling online. You can multiply your customer base sooo many times over just by going online with your things.

    I can’t believe you put all that together by yourself and it looks incredible! Better luck next time and until then, at least you still feel like trying again and that makes a huge difference!


  5. I wish you were in the Tulsa, OK area – my bestie & I would LOVE to come to your sale – it looks like a treasure trove of beautiful things! And I’ll take every one of your owls, please…they are so cute!! I especially love the white ones. In an effort to become as much like my mother as possible, I’ve found myself completely obessessed with owls – just like she was when I was a kid. How did THAT happen?!?!

  6. Sale looks wonderful. Wish I lived in the area……….I saw a comment above about selling on line – maybe Etsy? Would like to have the opportunity to shop!

  7. I am shocked that it wasn’t a huge success. From what I can see in the pics, you have an amazing space filled with amazing things! I certainly would have been there!

  8. I am sorry to hear of your disappointment, but most people understand it too. To quote Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” Thanks for your honesty too–it helps those of us who have missed our goals recently too.

  9. Wow and it is and looks so amazing. I went and I loved it and I wished I could of bought the hole entire store. Thanks for all of your amazings stories in your posts.

    pie 3000

  10. Laura – I wholeheartedly applaud you and your efforts to see a dream realized. Not often enough do those of us who aspire to greater things take even a first step, let alone do all that you have so far! You’ve put together a wonderful selection of lovely things, wish I lived closer. Perseverance and hard work are only two ingredients to a successful outcome, but I’d say you’re well on the road. Keep the faith! 🙂

  11. You have worked so hard for so long and I am glad that you are not giving up and having such a great attitude. I am sorry that the sale wasn’t as you hoped but I know that you are a fighter. You have gorgeous things my friend, I know you will find a way to get yourself out there. You look beautiful in your photos and I know that you love what you do, keep getting up my friend and you will reach your goal.

  12. Oh my goodness, I’m drooling. Everything looked great including you! Love the outfit you had on! You should start selling some of the things you make on Etsy.

  13. Laura,
    Great looking sale. I know how dependent you are on the crowd that comes. Do they know you are there, Are they busy with something else, or will they like what you have,Is the price too high to sell or too low to make a profit. Near me there is a group of crafters that do Fall, Halloween, and lots of Christmas crafts. they have signs up all over and have done this for past 16+ years. they have a great turn out but I know they work hard putting this on.
    You would get a bigger base online but also loose the immediate feedback of doing a real sale.
    Online is less personal, more business. I get the idea you want to wee the responce to your items and not just a check. It is emotional.