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Yesterday I shared our full farmhouse style Christmas home tour.  Today, I am going to share a few more details about our tree.




I know it won’t shock you too much, but I used a lot of galvanized accents and ornaments on our tree this year.  That was where I started from and then I added in some pretty red, green, silver, white and a handful of black and white ornaments.  I didn’t overfill it with ornaments because I wanted the ones we had on the tree to stand out a bit.




The main pieces I used were our galvanized village Christmas ornament set now available in our shop.  There is a town church, a schoolhouse, a cottage, a townhouse, and of course, a sugar house.  Actually, it was designed after our own sugar house.  They are just too cute.




As pretty as they are, I know there are options out there for galvanized ornaments.  However, what sets our set apart is that they are made in the USA, something we worked very hard at and we are very proud of.  They are brand new but through a special process, they are aged to look like they have the patina of a vintage piece.

Once all of ornaments were on the tree, I added a beautiful roll of ribbon I found at a local gift shop.  I think it was 10 yards and then I wrapped it all the way around.  When Christmas is over, I can just roll it up and either use it on a tree again or any other use.






And again, I am sure it is not too surprising, I added a sweet cardinal ornament front and center.




Since I like to keep things a little bit fun and quirky, I decided to put my vintage galvanized windmill as our tree topper.  A bit of shoving and then securing it in place with some floral wire and it is my favorite tree topper yet!




I love how the colors and the texture of the green, red and galvanized tie right into our vintage sign Christmas mantel right next to it.




Thank you so much for stopping by.  You can order our galvanized ornament set here or look through several gift or decorating ideas in our shop.


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  1. Hey Laura! Love your tree….REALLY love your little windmill on top! Wherever did you find it?! Hoping its in your shop!
    Hope you are doing well….Jenny
    Merry Christmas!!