Gallery Wall in my bedroom

I have not really shown you my bedroom at all, but here is a first little peak. 

I have two shelves creating a changeable gallery area of favorite photos and mementoes.


I see it each morning when I wake up, of course, after I put my glasses on. 

These are the classics that I love so very much.


Plus, it is a good way to use this awkward little corner.  That door leads to our closet.  We can’t really put a piece of furniture because it would prevent the door from opening all the way.  I didn’t want to do just one big picture, so I decided to group these together on shelves so I could change them.  But, who am I kidding, I can’t see me every taking any of these down.


And, if you will indulge me, I will tell you what some of them are.  I won’t tell you each and every one, because I would probably loose you, so, just a few..


1. The only real “photo shoots” I did with each of my girls as babies.  The top one is Blondie, the bottom one is Peanut.  Love those tiny hineys.

2. A picture of my Husband kissing each of our girls on their first day in this world. 

3. How do you not love that expression, that face, that Red Sox outfit!?  My sweet Peanut.

4. My Grandmother’s musical jewelry box I used to play with when I was young.

5. The crackled butterflies I painted when we first moved here almost 11 years ago.  They used to cover the nails that some of these pictures used to hang from over our bed.

6. Blondie when she was baptized.  Oh, those glorious little pudgy cheeks.

7. Ohh, every time it gets me. I am not sure you can really get the full effect… Peanut holding her Daddy’s face and giving him a mush kiss.

8.  A beautiful poem my husband wrote for me.  I should really reframe and matte it, but back then, about 20 years ago, it was a big deal to have something printed on nice paper like that.  I had done at this new place called Kinkos!  I guess I am just sentimental about that old frame.

Oh, and the Ladybug, it was just too cute, I couldn’t resist!

So, thanks for indulging me, I will be sharing this post at Melissa’s Gallery Link Party at The Inspired Room.

Thanks for reading and have a great one!

Take care,


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6 thoughts on “Gallery Wall in my bedroom”


  1. I love it!! I love surrounding myself with my friends and family and those special moments. I did a gallery wall over the break and I love it. Even hubby said that he liked which about blew me away. The pic of your hubby kissing your girls seriously brings a tear to my eye, how precious. 🙂

  2. I’m such a sentimental sap, of course I love it all! Very special indeed!
    Thanks for sharing @ Catch as Catch Can!

  3. Laura,
    I keep looking at your house tour and found your gallery wall. I love it. it looks like you are another person that love to look back and remember. I hve been looking for the right ledges for wall behind long sectional in lower level family room. Might need to make them.
    love photo #2 Dad’s girls, something special about daughters and dads. When my daughter was born, 23 yrs ago, I brought her a pink rose bud. I wanted her first flower to be from Dad. It is packed in her treasure box.
    thanks again.
    Ps again I saw the mother of pearl, probably french, opera glasses on coffee table in your living room. I have a pair too.