Happy Saturday sweet friends!  Who is excited for some turkey this upcoming week?  I know I am!  And lets face it, on one of the best parts is the leftovers!

So, I am not cooking a turkey this year, but if I were, I would so be using this Dry Brine.  You get all the flavor of doing a brine without having to use a bag and liquid – brilliant and easy – my kind of cooking!

And if you want the perfect cocktail to go with your turkey, how about a Maple Cidertini!  And if you are looking for something a little less “fruity”, how about a maple coffee cocktail, or as they call it – what happens when you mix the world’s greatest drug with booze.



Did you get a chance to check out the awesome holiday edition of 10 Minute Decorating Ideas shared this week by myself and a group of talented bloggers?  Click over to find a bunch of gorgeous ideas that, you guessed it, only take 10 minutes.  Sometimes, that is all we have time for!




So, what are your plans?  Are you a black Friday shopper?  I go out with my in-laws, but we hit a few of the big stores and then a whole bunch of independent smaller retailers.  My goal is to get as much done as possible and it is less about the “big sales”.  It is a fun tradition we have done for years.  The “media rumors” are all buzzing this year that the Friday deals are not going to be that great and that they are going to be offering discounts earlier.  A little birdie told me that our shop might be doing just that as well, wink wink!  Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all of the details as soon as they are live!



A few of the Neutral Reindeer Pillows are back in stock!

And speak of our shop – there are some items that have sold out already!  Thank you so much for your support and understanding as we work through all of the details and kinks.  We have more on the way – but the holiday rush and Thanksgiving holiday are holding things up more than I would like.  As soon as they are in, I will let you know here, on Facebook, on Instagram and the newsletter.  I just don’t want to overwhelm you with newsletters and social media will be more timely.

The good news – our syrup is full stocked!  What makes a better gift idea than that!  The 4 oz. mason jar bottles are perfect as stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, neighbor gifts or even an ornament on your tree (wink!).




And speaking of maple syrup, this is a really interesting read – especially the part about a guy being arrested at a sugar house because the cops thought he had a “meth lab” going.  I always joke with Dana about that but can’t believe it really happened!  Oh, and it really is true, someone actually stole $18 million dollars worth of syrup!

So let’s see what I am finding around the glorious world wide web…

THIS is so ending up in my Christmas decor.

I just purchased this and I can not wait till it gets here – it is the perfect Christmas pop!

I just ordered this to get myself organized for next year.  If I am going to have to keep a calendar, it may as well be pretty.

For all parents, this is hilarious

The other day, I said the goal was to wrap my presents as I buy – so I made a whole Pinterest board on great wrapping ideas and gift tags!   Let’s do this people! (By the way, thanks for all your support on that post!).  Clearly, we all need to stop buying patterned paper and just keep craft paper, chalkboard paper and a few details around!

Thanks so much for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Findings”


  1. You are one brave lady! I try to do most of my shopping online. I don’t like the crowds — I know that’s kinda bah humbug of me but I did it for years and now I’d rather be in my warm kitchen baking goodies and listening to music. We do give a lot of our food as gifts so I guess you could say I’m shopping in the kitchen. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. We are having ham not turkey. The bad thing is that one of my roommates broke her hip on the 8th and is going to be spending this Thanksgiving in rehab – boo! Especially since she’s the cook! That means I’ll probably have to do most of any of the cooking. With the purchase of your maple syrup, I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping!

  3. We’re grilling baby back ribs for Thanksgiving – the men in our family don’t really like turkey though they will eat it! So that means the men cook the meat & the women cook everything else. It’s also our 1st Thanksgiving with my new daughter-in-law, who is an amazing cook so I can’t wait to see what her contribution is!

    Love reading the links today too.