Finding…All of You!

Sometimes as a blogger I wonder if I chose the wrong “career”.

I am really not meant to sit alone, in an office, behind a computer.

I am a people person – and a talker (sometimes too much!).

When I write a post – sometimes I hear crickets.  You feel like saying, um, “is this thing on?”.

But not this week – this week I feel especially blessed.

The true and genuine kind words I read from so many of you this week truly touched my heart.  Seriously, people I have never met – had the kindest words.  We were prayed for, I was encouraged and my heart feels so blessed.

When I let you know we were okay after the storm, you were thankful and when I let you know our good news you cheered.

And suddenly I wasn’t alone, at my desk, behind my computer.

So, since there are no better words, I say thank you.

Okay, so enough with the serious stuff – lets have some fun today!

I thought I would share some of the fabulous stuff I have been seeing out in blogland!

First, Megan of Megan Brooke Handmade.  She is the sweetest and crazy talented too (although, being around her at Haven did make me feel a bit, ahem, old!).

This week she shared her beautiful Pallet Antler Wall Art Tutorial

Pallet Antler Wall Art

Laura from Top This Top That (also a super sweet, fun and talented lady!) shared this stunning and easy Fall Centerpiece.

Now, don’t get angry with me for talking Christmas – but how fun is this Mini Pom Pom Trim Christmas Tree from Ashley from Cherished Bliss.  Now, I have never met Ashley, but I am sure she is sweet and kind too and we can see that she is talented.

Whimsical Pom Pom Ribbon Christmas Tree via #christmas

As always, thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!

P.S. And if you are starting to think Christmas (I know, not trying to rush you or anything) and you like to start shopping early….

Stop by The Old Post Road and check out her beautiful paintings.  They would make a lovely gift.

Faith Hope Love Flowers - original scripture art painting

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9 thoughts on “Finding…All of You!”


  1. I am glad you all weathered the storm. My friend in NJ… weathered it ok. Lost her power for about a week. Came back on last Sat. By Wed. it went off due to a snow storm with lots of heavy snow. Still haven’t heard from her.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your projects are so inspiring and it is just plain enjoyable to read. BTW… love that centerpiece with the pumpkin!!!

  2. I’m loving all of the projects, the pallet wall art is so great and I really must say I do have Christmas on my mind. I’m gearing up for the weekend and I hope many fun projects. Love checking in with you all the time. Have a happy day. Susan

  3. Glad you were blessed Laura! I am so ready for some easy, cute Christmas projects like Ashley’s above. I have looked at a couple of grocery stores for Country Woman magazine and haven’t found it. You would think in Texas it would be everywhere. I will keep looking. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I am glad you made it ok through the storm. We were without power and heat for a week and our cable and internet came back yesterday, It sure was an experience.


  5. “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart”
    Have a Blessed Sunday xox
    Lovely tips and I won’t ressent you bringing Christmas “so early” ahahah as I don’t have Thanksgiving (and sometimes I wonder if people realise that WWW make us reach far than our neighborhoods: yesterday a Brazilian blogger was writing “who’s going to the beach today?” ahahah it’s freezing here but sometimes – like you say ” feel like saying, um, “is this thing on?”” – we really know who is listening :)).
    Thank YOU!