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Summer-Feet In this part of the country, our kids are still in school till next week. And I can not wait till my girls are home!  I am working my tush off this last week to get a bunch of deadlines met so that when they get out of school, we can all just breathe. This school year was rough and so much work for my kids.  Any one else dealing with the changes of common core standards? We are all ready for summer. Outdoor-Summer-Lights Our summer is filled with camps, family visits and a trip to the beach. But mostly, I am really looking forward to slowing down and enjoying our time at home.  I am so lucky to be able to work from home and have this time with my kids. We will use our time well, for really important things like dipping our feet in the pool.  Last year, I only went in the pool one time and that is ridiculous.  It will be different this year. And I will take every chance I get to enjoy my pretty little lights.  Because, really, what is not to love about pretty little porch lights? Outdoor-Lights They make me feel like I am at a campground for some reason. And I will take the time to watch my hydrangeas bloom. Snowball-Hydrangea And I will hopefully remember to water my plants so we can continue to enjoy them through the whole summer.   Outdoor-Planters-for-Summer And I am really enjoying doing something I only let myself do in the summer – fiction reading.  Nothing deep, nothing award winning – just good old fashioned fiction with a happy ending.  Which, by the way, is my favorite kind. And I plan to do it under this blanket.  And I have to tell you, this is not just any blanket.  It is the perfect shade of green, super soft and just the right weight.  My daughter tried to steal it from me last night and called it her “snuggie”. Summer-Blankets Sorry, sweet girl, but for this summer, this is Momma’s snuggie. Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a summer filled with cool toes, pretty flowers, twinkling lights, cozy blankets and your favorite kind of book. I am not the only sharing how I am spending my Summer at Home.  Visit all of these lovely ladies for their ideas and stories. summer-at-home-bloggers_updated2

Wednesday,  June 18th

 On Sutton Place

Stone Gable

My Soulful Home

Thursday,  June 19th

 Country Design Style

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Lilacs & Longhorns

Friday,  June 20th

 Thistlewood Farms

At The Picket Fence

Jennifer Rizzo 

 Saturday,  June 21st

Our Southern Home

Southern Hospitality

Debbie Doos

Veronica Roth


Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but the blanket was provided to me by my sweet friend at Birch Lane.  All opinions of my new snuggie are my own.

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24 thoughts on “Finding Summer At Home”


  1. I am with you all the way. Your photos are beautiful and they remind me of a lovely summer day — not too hot — just comfortably warm. I’m with you about fiction with a happy ending — my year has been filled with learning about blogging, photography, and anything to do with social media 🙁 My mind is filled with so many facts a good book would do. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. The kiddos have been out here for a week or so now, but the only affect on me is not having the school zone down the street to worry about. I also don’t have to worry about any blankets, way to hot here, even with air conditioning! I know its the first-ish day of summer, but we’ve been enjoying the somewhat cooler temps than normal, even though we are still hot, in the ow 90’s. I guess I’ll survive another Texas summer, but I sure can sympathize with my mother buying a condo in Colorado to get away from Texas!

  3. Laura, you have a beautiful home and porch. I love the pretty banner and lights – they’re so colourful and summery. Enjoy your summer with your sweet family. Blessings, Pam

  4. Loved your post, Laura!
    We’re facing a really tough year at school…standards are changing here too and my son is heading to 7th grade which is already known for a landslide of homework so I’m bracing myself! I’m hoping we can really kick back and have some fun this summer so we’re good and ready to face a challenging year (although will we ever really be ready?!).
    Thank you so much for joining our tour — I’m thrilled you wanted to be a part of it! I always love the way you approach life with your family and the pictures of your home are always a treat!

  5. Laura, you have the perfect Summer home and set up. Summertime is the best with our children, making memories and creating new ones. Just wish it would all last a tad longer.

  6. Laura, I was thrilled to find you on the tour. I love your website and stop by often. Enjoy your summer with you children, they grow up fast. Then they move out of state with your grandchildren. But then you enjoy the grandchildren when they visit for summer. 🙂 ~Jeanette

  7. Hi Laura, thank you for sharing your summer plans. I’m also going to be reading a lot over the summer. Isn’t that one of the loveliest pleasures? I wonder why we don’t do that all year long, but I guess that summer is the traditional time to slow down and read. I love it. Do you find that some books, like some songs, always remind you of a particular summer? That happens with me a lot. Have fun under YOUR snuggie and I’ll be checking back to catch up with you. 🙂

  8. Love your porch…the lights are so-o-o cute! Where did you get them? Of course where we live, it’s too hot to enjoy the porch…94degrees right now!

  9. Hi Laura! So glad you are on tour with us! I too want to slow down this summer, I too had to deal with the new Common Core all year, I too only swam in my pool once, maybe twice last summer & guess what I think I have the exact same blanket!! Soulmates fro sure! Can’t wait to meet u at Haven!
    🙂 Kelly

  10. Laura,
    I so agree with you! My kids got out of school the first of June, and it has already been busy! Hoping to have a slower July. I’m just in love with the porch lights and bunting…something about them on the porch makes summer magical. I have the same book on my Kindle! I love to read Mary Kay Andrews…light and fun! Looking forward to meeting at Haven this year. ~Christy

  11. Oh I am so glad we are done with school. We were done on June 4. I love summer just days at home with the kids working in the gardens and enjoying the flowers beds!! Love love love the porch lights!!!

  12. Laura,
    I feel your pain with Common Core! As a teacher, I’m still battling the effects of No Child Left Behind (testing, testing, TESTING) PLUS the new requirements with CC. I would seriously like to find a new career. It’s not that I don’t still love kids or my content area or that I’m not willing to work hard (I usually work 55-60 hrs/wk), but the joy is gone. *sigh*

    On a cheerier note, I just finished that same MKA book last weekend and loved it! Have a wonderful, carefree summer with your precious family!

  13. Laura…..I wish you a relaxing super fun summer. We are at the beach right now….had to come in because a storm is rolling in (as long as they roll in at night….that’s ok with me!) I noticed you were reading MKA’s Ladies night….I brought that and Savannah Blues to reread along with the new one…….Save the date….so far it is GREAT……I could barely put it down tonight! Hope you picked it up for your summer reading list!

  14. Längtar dս efter att känna närheten av еn naken tjej liggandes bredvid dig.

    Termen Mother ӏ’d Liҡе to Fuck eller MILF, så somm
    det oftast kallas, är ett begrepp som dde flesta känner till
    idag. Anmäl dig hhos knull kontakt och låt еn mogen kvinna ta hand oom dig så som ingen annan κan.

  15. I followed the link from Pinterest because I wanted to know more about the lights. You talked about them, but didn’t indicate where someone could buy them or where they came from. Can you send the information? They go exactly with my color scheme on my lanai. Thanks.