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Welcome!  I am so excited you are here for our fourth annual Finding Fall Home Tour.  This year, we have mixed it up a bit and we are not going to make you wait all week to see all the homes.  Today, all 12 amazing bloggers will be sharing their homes all decked out for fall.  Each of the links are below, but first, I wanted to share our home

Welcome to our front foyer!




I have looking for exactly this dresser for the front hall for about a year and I finally found it this summer in New Hampshire and I love it!  I am no longer loving the wall color and the mirror though, but like they say, it is all a work in process.

I added some pumpkins and flowers (weeds!) from our yard and a pretty printable that I will be sharing more details (and colors) on Wednesday.  It is just the fall spruce up that area needed and I love when I walk by it.




If the truth is told, a lot of our house is being taken over by products for the business.  You won’t be seeing a pretty dining room this year as it is becoming our shipping and receiving room.  Soon enough we will be able to look back on this time and laugh, but right now, not so much.   For my sanity, it is important for me to keep the foyer, family and kitchen area pulled together and work free.  This little fall spruce is just what I needed.




I have had a tendency in the past to trash the house while decorating for the seasons.  This time, I turned on some music, stayed really focused and organized and cleaned as I went.  I even put everything that I took out or didn’t use away before I let myself take one picture.  I am so much happier that the process wasn’t chaos.  Actually, it started from when I went through our fall stuff.  I went into the garage attic, despite the ludicrous heat, and sorted through and only took out what I thought I was going to use and brought it into the house in bags.  It simplifies setting up (and taking down!) for the holidays.  With our schedule so busy, I didn’t want decorating for the seasons to become stressful.  Fall season without stress – check!  Let’s see how Christmas goes!



I have gone back and forth on fall color schemes but I always find my way back to the traditional warm colors of fall.  Despite my best attempts, I really am a traditional girl.   In the family room I changed out our pillows which makes a huge difference and took out the greenery of summer and replaced it with some colorful foliage and of course some pumpkins.


I almost always start with our mantel.  I had a completely different plan before I got started, but then decided it was too Halloween focused and I wasn’t ready to go there yet.  I gave myself a challenge and set a timer for 30 minutes with the intent of being done in that timeframe.  I left the chalkboard up there from the summer and I am finding that I really do just leaving it there and then I got started.


I am loving the border on the chalkboard.  I simply drew the circles with a candle cap and then used a ruler to draw the edges.  I didn’t want it perfect and it came out as I had hoped.  I added the wreath I have had for several years with a thumbtack on the frame and then built around it.



I knew I wanted to temper the darker colors of fall with my favorite color – galvanized and I love how they work together.



There is not a fire in there yet – but I look forward to quiet nights in our family room.




Keeping things simple from there, I just added a few touches through the rest of the space.









Our girls eat a lot of apples, so I put them right out where they wouldn’t be forgotten about.





This vintage tray has been so many places, but my favorite is right on our kitchen table.




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Thanks so much for joining me in my home and now it is time for the eleven other stops today.  Please stop by and enjoy their homes as well!  Seriously, can you believe this group?



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Thank you so much for reading and

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29 thoughts on “Finding Fall Home Tour”


  1. Thanks, Laura for bringing us this Fall tour. I’m enjoying all the pretty! Your home looks so peaceful – bet it feels good to walk into these quiet areas on busy days! I like the simplicity of your decor – the wreath on the chalkboard is great!

  2. Elegant fall simplicity at its best! Lovely touches Laura! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your tour again this year. I always look forward to it.

  3. I have to agree with you about becoming more organized and creating a controlled chaos in my decorating swap outs. I so look forward to the seasonal decorating but my home is a crazy mess for days. My husband has the patience of a saint and just keeps telling me how good it is looking. It does hold me back sometimes from starting the process because I hate the disruption.
    Your ideas are very helpful and I am definitely going to implement them in my Christmas decorating, which of course is the most chaotic and stressful.
    I just want to enjoy the process more.

    By the way your home is lovely!

  4. Laura, this tour was so very beautiful. I loved how you shared your decorating process (as I tried something similar this time too =) and that dresser you added to the foyer! Every details was special and pretty. Thank you again for hosting such a lovely tour!

  5. Yay! All the homes were fabulous as always! Sure would love to see some new bloggers get included in the tours next year 🙂 I love, love, love being able to see all the homes on one day 🙂

  6. Beautiful, beautiful! Your home has the most beautiful case pieces. The wood tones are time worn and have a gorgeous hand rubbed sheen! I am so taken with the side table by your sofa. It is so pretty. I love the way you slipped fall into your home. Subtle and lovely and warm. I am thrilled that you asked me to be a part of this amazing fall home tour! Blessings!

  7. I love your decorating and love your floor in you kitchen, living, and entry area! Do you by chance have the brand and color it is? After 20 years, I am finally updating my kitchen and your flooring is by far my favorite! Thanks for any information you can give.

  8. Finding Home – I love that your home is not over done. Just enough touches of Autumn so you can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed. Love it!

  9. Finding Home – Sorry to also say some of these home sites (one imparticular) had so many ads and video’s on it that my computer was almost frozen, so I just left it. Therefore, I did not get to see all of them. The ones I was able to spend time at were beautiful! I don’t like being overwhelmed with decorations. Seems I can’t appreciate any of it. Yours was perfect. That wall next to your fridge with the chalk board in the wood frame, goards and cutting board sitting on that small ledge was beautiful! Who would have ever thought to make use of that tiny space like you did! That was nothing short of brilliant!

  10. Hi Laura. I love all of the natural elements that you have added to your fall decor. Especially, I am loving the chalkboard elements that you’ve added with the fall sign and the wreath over the chalkboard. Great ideas!

  11. Your home looks lovely…if you don’t like your mirror in the foyer, consider painting it copper.
    If you also want to paint your walls, the copper will look good with many colors.

  12. I have one of these lovely Coastal Herbs boxes as well. I bought it at a darling little shop in Dubuque, Iowa. Love it! Thank you for the visit through your home; beautiful !!