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So, although it was a little bit of slow start, today I wanted to share with you how excited I am with my new brand and blog design!

Hey, if you are reading from email (sorry, that will be updated soon!) or in a reader, come on by and see our new digs!

Back in January, I found an ad on the sidebar of The Handmade Home that led me to Reni of bliss & tell branding.


Originally, it was just going to be a few components, like a new header and a button.  But after a few conversations I began to realize that I was looking for more.

business cards finding home

Working with Reni was extremely valuable in helping me focus on what I wanted with this crazy thing called blogging.

I really liked that she talked with me on the phone (along with emails), especially in the beginning when I was trying to figure out my direction.  The whole process forced me to rethink all aspects of my business and what direction we wanted to go in.

business cards finding home

I also liked that she told me what I needed to hear.

Like that my previous logo looked like a bank from Canada.

That may sound harsh, but actually I got comments and emails all the time asking me if I was from Canada and I never made the connection.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being from Canada, but I am not – so I was spreading the wrong message.  My logo, and my desire for a maple leaf, was so close to me that I couldn’t see it for what it really was.

Having Reni’s input was really helpful and in the end I decided to stay with the maple leaf, but to take a whole new design direction.

I felt very strongly that I wanted an illustrated logo and Reni took my input and ideas, found an illustrator and executed a beautiful new look.

business card product tag finding home

When it was all said and done we redesigned the blog, created several versions of my logo (for different applications), business cards and product tags.  She also provided an overall style sheet that is my go-to for developing design elements.

finding home brand summary

So, if you are ready to take your brand to a new level and direction, or just looking for some components: business cards, product tags, facebook page, logo design – Reni and her team are the place to go.

I am so happy I chose to work with her team and I really feel like this new look fits me so well and will take me well into the future.

business card typewriter

 I am still making a few tweaks to the blog design here and there, so if you see any blips, please drop me a note and let me know.

Thanks so much!

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18 thoughts on “Finding Design: Bliss and Tell Branding Company”


  1. The new look is very pretty and I especially love that your logo is consistent. I just took your home tour via Cottage of the Month/The Old Painted Cottage and I had to say WOW! I have long enjoyed seeing your lovely home, but all together like that it is so very pretty. Wishing you a great week, Laura.

  2. Love the way it all ties together! Beautiful colors and design! They did a great job!

  3. Laura, your new branding design is beautiful … love the colors. AND, your home being featured on The Old Painted Cottage is so exciting. Jennifer’s site is one I first started following and always excitedly look forward to her new cottage of the month. What a wonderful delight it was to see yours this month!

  4. It looks so professional and tied together yet still approachable…does that make sense? I love it and your site and beautiful work–keep it up!

  5. As a proud Canadian, I can honestly say, your maple leaf is a lot nicer than ours. Imagine the Canadian flag all pretty and homemade looking. It’s making me smile a little, the thought of a whole country-ful of cottagey people. I want to take a button with all my heart but I don’t know how so I’ll instead just add my two cents of support for your beautiful new design.

  6. I just love your “new look” and the cards..I especially like the way she created the shape of the card…such a standout!!
    I must say I had a good laugh when you mentioned the Canada Bank Logo!!…I feel that the logo is representative of you…so fresh, pretty, and authentic!

  7. ohhhhhh Laura….what can i say…my heart has melted from the super sweet write-up! THANK YOU for choosing me to make your talent, your vision and your ideas come to fruition. i appreciate you, and feel lucky that we could collaborate together! you’re blog is REALLY gonna rock now! 🙂 – reni

  8. She did a beautiful job with your blog. I desperately need a blog redesign, so I was hanging on every word of this post!

    I know I’ve told you before, but I love your house and style. Every time I visit your blog I look through your “House Tour” page again. I couldn’t get the buttons in the sidebar to work today, though–like the “Kitchen Renovation”–keep getting “Page Not Found” errors. Thought you’d want to know because I’m sure those are popular pages!

    Congrats on your new look. So pretty! 🙂