Finding Color Inspiration: My Colortopia

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a new blog I found called My Colortopia.

Did you take the quiz that gives you color suggestions based on your personality?


Well today, I want to share another fun and useful tool that they have, it is called My Image Inspiration.

Have you ever seen a photo that you wanted to take the colors and bring them into your home?

Or what about a fabric that you love and want to use in your home, how do you pair up paint colors to work with the fabric?

Oh how I wish I had this tool years ago when I was trying to find this one color in the pattern in my couch to use on my walls!

You can use a piece of artwork, a piece of artwork or you can even use a photo you took yourself.  Here is an example.

I took this picture about 6 weeks ago in Connecticut while away for a girl’s weekend.

To me, the colors are so soothing and peaceful, they bring me right back to that great weekend.  I would love to bring that feeling into my home through paint.

ocean viewHere is how easy it is, first, I uploaded the picture into the tool and this what the initial result was. colortopiaimageinspiration1

However, I moved the box around to several locations to see additional results.

I also experimented with making the box smaller and larger to get different results.  This is really helpful if there is just one color you are trying to capture, for example in a fabric, you can make the box nice and small to get right down to the color you are trying to work with.  In the end, I was happiest with the first collection.

After you finalize your color grouping, you can click on your favorite to get an additional collection of color groupings.  This can help you choose trim colors or paint choices for furniture.  I chose Mid Day Mocha to get this grouping. colortopiaimageinspiration2

The other option, if you don’t have a picture or a fabric and you are just seeking inspiration, you can browse the Image Inspiration Gallery and choose a photo from there.  I played around here for a while and it is a lot of fun. colortopiaimageinspiration3

Check out how beautiful a room would be with these colors.  I may have to find a room, a piece of furniture, something to paint with these colors!


Once you finalized your color choices, you can email or print the selections and get to painting!


There are a lot of really helpful tools, advice and tips at My Colortopia and you can even ask specific color questions.

So stop by, be inspired and go paint!

I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Finding Color Inspiration: My Colortopia”


  1. It is so amazing now to have all the tools available to us through the various software programs…I remember going from paint store to paint store with many swatches and other inspiration items…Now it is a few clicks away…Your inspiration boards are beautiful…I love the photo you took..So serene…

  2. I think it is a great tool. The best part of it is that even starting with the same inspiration the colors selected will be personal. Some colors in the options will speak to each one of us.


  3. That would be so fun to use. I can see spending a lot of time playing. I’m wanting to repaint my spare bedroom. It’s a huge decision. Hate getting a color wrong. Maybe I’ll mess with this.

  4. Also, if I am not insulting you by asking. I absolutely love your picture which you took. I would love to pay you for a copy of it. I am a student and highly involved in animal rescues. I love nature and this picture would be such an incredible piece of art I’d loved to display. I also noticed your french touches. I am French from Paris in the Latin Quarter, I am happy to share some of the ways I bring a bit of home into my apartment. I could also send you a few pictures and share some ideas. I again apologize if I insulted you by asking but I thought I had to take a chance. You never know. I grew up hunting Paris’ flea market and auctions with my parents. As a result, I love going antiquing for fun. Merci pour votre considération. (thank you for your consideration) May