Finally Finding Auction Finds & a Decision

I love to go to auctions, but the good ones come in bursts it seems.

I am always checking

And very often there is one that looks like it has great potential, but I just can’t make it because of family schedules.

But every once in a while….

I hit two great auctions and an amazing estate sale in one week.

So, I thought I would share some of my latest finds.

Both of these globes were found an estate sale.  I can usually sniff out a good estate sale by the ad (although I do sometimes get fooled!) and this one stunk, stunk, stunk.  I knew it was going to be good.  So good that I actually decided to show up 30 minutes after opening because I had my girls with me and knew it would be too difficult to handle with them with me.  I was right.  As much as it was hard to see so much with “sold stickers” already on them, it was the unkindest estate sale I have ever been too.  The people who ran it were fine, but the attendees were clamoring hard for amazing stuff at amazing prices.

Vintage Globes - auction finds

There may or may not have been an incident where I had an argument with a grumpy old neighbor sitting on his porch yelling at anyone who parked near his driveway.  I tried kindness and to explain that I was not blocking his driveway but he continued to yell at me.  I then proceeded to wish him a super fabulous day and may God Bless him.

I may have had a tone of sarcasm in my voice as I said it.

He however got the last laugh because when I got back in the car it became very clear how much of an angle my car was parked when the door slammed on my knee.

I still have a bruise.  I tried really hard not to cry.

Anyhoo, this side table is begging for some updating – chalk paint I am thinking.  I will probably leave the top as it is since it is perfect shape.

 Small Side Table

This ironstone pitcher and bowl do not match but I was blown away that they were still there.  By the way, the location of the estate sale was an old hotel with a general store in it.  It was just closed up many years ago – you can only imagine the treasures (especially amazing old signs, scales and cash registers) that were sold before my arrival.

 Vintage Ironstone - Auction Finds

This is a grouping of barnwood mirrors, pulleys, a stool and embroidery hoops.  My mother has already taken ownership of the blue mirror.

 Auction Finds

Here is a close-up of the pulleys – the left one is crazy heavy.  The stool just needs a little wax and she will be a beauty.

 Vintage Pulleys - Auction Finds

Here is a close up on the mirror.   My best assessment is that the wood is the real deal and someone took the time to make some rustically detailed mirrors.

 Barnwood Mirror - Auction Finds

I always managed a whole bunch of glass front frames in 5×7 and 8×10 openings.  The paint finished are amazing!

 Barnwood Frames - Auction Finds

 Barnwood Frames - Auction Finds

This painting was ridiculously cheap and it is already hanging in my bedroom.  It helps us focus on our dream of a someday farmhouse.

 Farm Painting - Auction Finds

A couple of vintage cameras and a whole lot of clock faces.  I really love the graphic simple one in front.

 Vintage Cameras, Vintage Clock Faces, Auction Finds

No one was bidding on these, I couldn’t let them go unloved.

 Auction Finds

A box of fun vintage sewing items – the tape is so worn it is like a ribbon.  It will be perfect to wrap a special present.

 Vintage Sewing, Vintage Keys, Auction Finds

Sunshine really was hoping I would bring this one home – she loves owls.  He is a keeper.

 Owl Vase, Auction Finds

This fun mix of religious stuff was randomly placed with the globe.  My favorite are the box lots and you come home and go through them like a treasure hunt.

 Vintage Religious Items, Auction Finds

And finally a whole bunch of vintage maps and travel brochures.

 Vintage Maps, Auction Finds

The table these are all sitting on will end up in the playhouse after some TLC.

So, if you have been around for a while you know my dream was to do some sales in my home – and I did.  It was scary as hell, but I put myself out there and had two sales.

They didn’t do great.   You can read more about that here.

My plan was to try again but life has just been a little too busy at this point to feel like I could do it well.

I am still hoping to participate in a sale that a friend does after Thanksgiving that is already very successful.

But I think finding these treasures and some more I will share tomorrow are a sign – I am going to open an online store, most likely with Etsy.

I feel like it is a better fit for our family life right now.  Maybe in the spring I will give it a go again, but for right now I am glad to have removed that pressure and focus on some other things we are trying to accomplish.

See, now I said it.

Now I have to do it, right?

As always, thanks so much for reading!

If you are interested in attending an auction for the first time, you can read my tips and suggestions here.

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16 thoughts on “Finally Finding Auction Finds & a Decision”


  1. I love box lots. lOVE them. You never know what you might find inside. Sometimes there is a gem that was a complete surprise. Of course most of it is filthy and creepy and ready for the dumpster! Good luck. I firmly believe that finding the balance in this Junque world is so hard. There is no magic path that fits all. We stumble around poking and prodding as we go. Hopefully we end up with something that works for us personally and for our visions for our family. Enjoy the ride!

  2. You really scored this time! Great finds and I am especially loving the religious articles and the painting. If you get the chance to sell with your friend, that might help your sales be more successful, especially if there are more people.

  3. Laura, I’m just so intrigued by your auction finds. Right off I spied that Florida map among everything else. I do hope you’ll start an etsy shop with your items. I would love to stop by and see what must haves you have for sale. Now I have to go and read your auction tips. I’ve been wanting to attend one, but it would be all new to me. I doubt they have that kind of cool stuff here, but it would be fun to go and see.

  4. HA! I’m laughing at Bonnie’s comment 😉 I love the pulleys…my uncle used to have a bunch of them–maybe I should ask if he still does lol.
    Congrats on your decision! I think you will totally rock it & I hope you find more finds! 🙂

  5. Wow, what great finds Laura! Congratulations on deciding to open a shop. If you come across a painting with a red barn that is reasonably priced I would be interested. I haven’t found any around here. Have a blessed day!

  6. You sure found some wonderful treasures Laura. Not sure which is my favorite, but probably your mom’s blue mirror. Also love all of those clock faces. I can’t find them anywhere around here, so if they end up on your Etsy, give me a heads up and I’ll be your first customer! LOL!
    Denise (my business partner) loves estate sales, but I hate the cut-throat atmosphere of them. I sometimes will go with her and always find great stuff. Sorry to hear about your scuffle with the old guy. You were a lot nicer than I would have been. Is that why you were having a bad day? I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy all of your new finds!

  7. Laura,
    It looks like the treasures found you. My wife and I have been to lots of estate and garage sales over the years and take a mental “wanted” list. Seldom do we find much on the list but usually find something better than we ever planned.
    The last auction we attended was at a houst that backed up to our backyard. It was too easy to carry our treasures across our yard. It was my wife’s first auction and I had to bid because she was unsure about it. I think the next one will be fine.

  8. I realize that I will need to start looking for estate sales … there are some fabulous old (and wealthy) homes on the north shore of Chicago … I’m betting I might find some super treasure. I just adore your finds! And good luck with the Etsy shop opening …