Fall Decorating Ideas – Fall Wheat Wreath (Daisy Mae Belle)

For months now, every time I visited a link party and clicked on a link of something beautiful it always seemed to end up at the same place – Daisy Mae Belle.  Her home, projects and ideas are always beautiful and classic.  Today, she is joining us over here to share a simple and beautiful fall wheat wreath.  Please welcome Melissa!

Would someone please pinch me,

because I can’t believe that I’m here at Finding Home!

Laura has such an incredibly beautiful blog.

I’ve been following along for a while,

and am always inspired by what she shares!

Oh, I should introduce myself…

…I’m Melissa,

and I blog over at

my logo

Can I just tell you how ready I am for fall.

Crisp mornings, falling leaves,

and some of the most beautiful decorations of the year 🙂

If you are needing something new for your front door,

this might be just the project for you!


It only take a few minutes…


…and a few supplies:

straw wreath

3 bundles of dried wheat

burlap ribbon


Cut the stems of the wheat to about 4 inches.


Insert into the straw wreath.


Continue to add wheat…


…and, then a burlap bow.

{I attached the bow with a floral pin.}


It’s that simple!

{This happens to be my garden shed where mine is hanging.}


If you need to know how to make a bow,

I’ll show you how to make one of those HERE. 🙂

I’ve always got projects going.


Last week, I gave my pantry a makeover.

Now, when I am ready to do all of that good fall cooking,

I can actually find what I’m looking for!


I’m also working on decorating my Anna Belle’s room.


And, we are just about to finish up Daisy’s.


And, the rest of my house is about to get some serious fall decorating!

I’d love for you to stop over and say hello!

Life to the full!


Thanks Melissa – your wreath is simply perfect.  Thanks so much for reading and wishing you all a great day!

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14 thoughts on “Fall Decorating Ideas – Fall Wheat Wreath (Daisy Mae Belle)”


  1. This wreath is great! I have been shocked to see how expensive dried wheat is at craft stores and online. This technique of using the straw underneath the wheat seems to make the wheat visually “go farther” and not have to buy so much but still have a very full-looking wreath.

  2. Your wreath turned out really nice – love that door! I’m wondering if you could tell me what color you used. I am picking out a new front door now – I have many sample pots – I want to go with either a blue-green or a limey yellow. The color you used here is really pretty.

  3. Awesome photos and some great ideas.. honestly though, the first set with the wheat makes me want warm bread. I guess that’s part of the whole idea behind design… to bring about additional feelings and emotions with the design… cool fall day… warm bread with butter and honey…mmmmmmmmmm

    Good job!

  4. Melissa, this wreath is perfect on that door! I love the blue and I see that you shared the paint color already. Do you happen to know the trim and siding color names too? Thanks for sharing!