Fa La La La Laundry Room!

When I clean and when I decorate I find that I work in “zones”.  I don’t dust everywhere, then vacuum everywhere.  I take one space and do it all, move on to the next space.  You get the picture.  Well, yesterday, my laundry / mudroom needed a good heavy zone attack.  So, why I was there, I decided to put a little Christmas in as well.
This is a shelf when you enter the room from the outside or the garage.  Most of the stuff is there year round, I just added a few extra details.  I have looked for the Putnam Dye box for years, but they are so expensive.  This past May, I found both the box and the shelf sign at Brimfield.  Both were very reasonably priced.  I bet you can guess what my last name is!
Meg's concert laundry vignette 055
The snowman just seemed to fit right in.  I added a few ornaments, bottle brush trees and some greenery.  I just wanted to do something simple, but still fun.
Meg's concert laundry vignette 048
The tractor is my husband’s from when he was a boy.  I felt it worked perfectly and I just added a little festive wreath.  Every boy needs a John Deere!
Meg's concert laundry vignette 052
This shows you a little better where the shelf is.  There are two steps down from the laundry area to the door to the outside and to the right is the entrance to the garage.
Meg's concert laundry vignette 057
This is the view from when you enter from the garage.  The hooks are for guests and also for wet snow pants and such.
Meg's concert laundry vignette 061
This room is a “real” room.  As much as it has some really beautiful details to it, this is a well lived in room.  There is the family desk for all of the millions of papers that come in, file drawers, slop sink, washer and dryer, bins, cubbies, a freezer, art work, calendars, white board lists, the dog dishes and usually piles and piles of laundry.  This is the door friends come in and most of them just accept that there will always be some sort of laundry everywhere.
Notice I didn’t make this picture quite as big as the others!  This is actually in pretty good shape but mostly I wanted to show it to you because it is such a functional room.  This actually use to be one half of our garage.  Since we added a detached garage last year, we decided that this was a better use of the space for the functionality of our family.  I am very thankful for this space.
Meg's concert laundry vignette 095
On a completely different note, last night was M’s Holiday concert.  My girls were re-districted a few years ago.  That combined with several other factors made this the first Holiday concert we have ever attended.  It was stunning.  I felt so fortunate to be there.  It was a little bittersweet as the crazy weather here in the Northeast prevented my husband’s flight from getting in and he missed the concert.  With all of his traveling, we are fortunate this is the first time that has happened.  The good news is he is going to be able attend today’s performance.  The audience will be a little different this time as it will be K-2!
Just before we left she was leaning over me as I adjusted something on my camera.  She looked so lovely so I snapped a quick picture and was so pleased that it captured her so truly.

Meg's concert laundry vignette 019

I will be sharing this post at Rhoda’s Holiday Vignette Party at Southern Hospitality.  Come on by and see what lovely vignettes have been shared.
More decorating and vignettes to come as I attack each zone!
Have a Fa La La La Lovely Day!
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11 thoughts on “Fa La La La Laundry Room!”


  1. That picture of your daughter is just precious! What a beautiful little girl! I love your vignette and all your pieces, it adds a surprise of Christmas when you come in through the door!

  2. So sweet. I love the tractor with the wreath on it. I just love it when ordinary everyday items can be used in a festive way. Great job.

  3. Your daughter is adorable!

    I love the vintage charm in the holiday touches you added!!! And, I really enjoyed your previous post about your Paris trip…brings back great memories!

    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  4. I love that your laundry room is a real room. Wonderfully done. My favorite is the wall of hooks for snow pants and such. Much better than the wet piles and puddles my mom had to put up with.

  5. So cute! It would ALMOST make me enjoy doing the laundry! Thanks for the reminder… we've got two of those red lanterns that I must dig out now!! 🙂

  6. What a great space. We have a newer builder home totally lacking a functional room like that for all the things you mentioned. That is also a very pretty vignette. Love the JD tractor with the wreath. My boys collect tractors and have quite a few John Deere. Our new puppy, a chocolate Lab, just had to have a JD collar and leash too.

  7. Your daughter is beautiful and I love your vintage laundry vignette with your name!

  8. super cute….so nice that you took over that space and made it work for your family! LOVE that little green tractor addition!

  9. Very cute Christmas decor, I love it. Your laundry room door has me inspired to paint mine blue! We moved in here in June (a 1970's farm house) and put in a door just like yours, and painted the laundry room light blue and the door is white–but it feels too dark in there (the blue is a gray/blue called "fog"), and the white door gets muddy handprints on it all the time…White/cream on the walls and a blue door–perfect solution! Love it! =) Thanks for sharing!