Every House tells a story

Every house tells a story of the people who live in it.

Every Home tells a story

This one tells the story of one of my dearest friends and her family.

And their dream to live on a lake.

Every Home tells a story

And their dream came true.

Every Home tells a story

I remember on a very hot August weekend coming here for the first time, four years ago.  We unpacked many boxes and talked till late into the night.

Every Home tells a story

 They have made changes and made the house and space work better for their family.

Like this amazing office space that looks out onto the lake. Dreamy.

Every Home tells a story

Or the room where the boys bring all of their friends in and watch the game on TV.

Every Home tells a story

Every Home tells a story

Or the craft space where she crafts, paints and sews with her family.Every Home tells a story

But the story of this home is about to change.  Really big changes are coming really quickly.

You see, my dear friend, my Betty’s husband, serves in the US Army and he will be promoted to a new post.

And although they really weren’t planning on this big move now, it is where their journey is taking them.

Every Home tells a story

They are leaving this dream to go live another one – for a little while.

Every Home tells a story

They are going back to the place they lived before this one.


Every Home tells a story

Not a bad move at all.

A place that still lives strong in their hearts.

Every Home tells a story

Instead of tubing on the lake, they will be surfing in the ocean.

The kitchen will be smaller, but there will still always be room at the table for loved ones.

Every Home tells a story

And although I am heartbroken for her to no longer be a drive away, I am so happy for them that they are going to a place they love so much.

And besides, I will just have to visit them now won’t I?

And, while they are gone, this beautiful home is available for a long term rental.

So, if you or anyone you know is interested in renting a home in Middlesex County, MA – drop me an email!

Thanks for reading!


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15 thoughts on “Every House tells a story”


  1. Oh my word that house is gorgeous!! The love and care that has gone into it is so obvious and there is no doubt their next home will reflect that same love and care. Thanks for sharing it with us Laura! 🙂

  2. Wow, that would be hard to leave. It’s gorgeous, yet homey at the same time. Sounds like they are embracing the new wonder they will call home. That’s great. I hope all the best for them!

  3. Wow their home is so pretty. I love the soft colors and her decorating style. Great for them to have a little time in Hawaii.

  4. Awesome post Ms. Laura. :] Sad to have to say goodbye to that amazing house, and my even more amazing family. I think your blog will definitely help give it the publicity it needs to find someone equally (or close to) as passionate about home making. :] Thanks for sharing the pictures and reminding me of how beautiful it is. :]

  5. Ok, this stirred my heart a little – good luck to them in their new home! And what a great New England-style house!


  6. Laura, your friend’s lake house is just beautiful. I’m sure you will miss having her closeby but Hawaii- what a fun place to visit!!!

  7. Oh Laura…I am sure you are going to miss each other….but as you said, Hawaii will be a great place to visit!…Betty’s home is beautiful and views of the lake are so serene…..good luck on their move and new adventure!….Thanks for presenting this beautiful home Laura..
    P.S…..You were my inspiration on my last post 🙂

  8. Your friend’s home is so beautiful. I’m sure they will take many happy memories with them when they go. Best wishes for them in the move.
    PS love the wallpaper.
    Have a great day Laura.