Easy Supergirl Costume

supergirl costume

In our home, we start talking in August about what my girls want to be for Halloween.  Peanut’s answer is usually very vague and ends up being a creating of her own beautiful mind – which I love.

This year however, she was very specific and sure from the first discussion.

“I want to be Supergirl”

We discussed and even tried on a store bought costume – but this is a girl after my own heart – she wanted to create her own.

We don’t believe in “making costumes” in our home.

We are “assemblers” of costumes – sometime they require crafting skills, but they are generally a pulling together of different pieces and parts to make a unique costume.

The headband is a belt from a Superman costume – and every Supergirl needs some gold eye shadow and glitter.

 Supergirl Makeup copy

She already owned the t-shirt.

The tights and skirt were found at the costume shop and the cape was $8 at Joanne fabrics.

In the past we have always made our tutus – but this one fit our needs quite perfectly – so we went for it.

 Supergirl Costume 1 copy

The bracelet is made from gold duct tape with a hairclip pinned on it.

The boots.

Ah, the boots –this is where you learn from my mistakes – that is coming tomorrow!

Supergirl Costume Boots

For now, we are jetting off for trick or treating!

 Supergirl Costume Flying

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Easy Supergirl Costume”


  1. Oh she is gorgeous Laura!!! Love the costume and love how you “assemble” the outfit.
    I wish we celebrated Halloween here – it looks like heaps of fun xx Nat

  2. Good job, girls! Love the costume and you can totally tell that Peanut is a super girl in the costume and without it. Love the expressions on her face~she’s feelin’ good about herself. My kiddos always pulled together costumes and had so much fun doing it. Have fun!