Easy Summer Kitchen & Gallery Wall Updates

Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall - Simple Updates


Sometimes I dig through my “stash” and I am intrigued with the items I have collected over the years.  I have purged quite a bit over the last year, and truthfully, I am ready for another purge soon.  On the other side of it, however, I am so thankful for the things that are still with me.

Like the side of an old crate.

I don’t know where Upland Farms is other than in Peterborough, but it sure sounds like a happy place that I would like to visit.  And every time I look at that crate, I smile a bit.  I love what it says, I love the old wood and I love the graphics.  If I were to make a reproduction crate, I would want it to look just like this.

Hey, maybe I should do that.

Kitchen Gallery Wall Decoarting Ideas


I brought out the crate as part of some recent easy summer kitchen & gallery wall updates.   It is resting right on top of my vintage tray that I turned into a shelf.  I love using a shelf like this on a gallery wall because it is so easy to change things out for the seasons or on a whim.


Easy Gallery Wall Ideas


After resting the crate and a favorite canvas on the top, I added a small watercolor painting in two of the openings.  I tucked in a small succulent in a galvanized container in each one and added a small lunch tin found in Paris many moons ago in the third opening.

I love that updating my gallery wall just took a few minutes.  I tried a couple of other things and then settled on this.  A change out of one other picture (using the existing hook) carried through the colors and style I was looking to bring for summer.


Summer Gallery Wall Updates - Watercolor Paiinting


Updating your decorating doesn’t have to complicated or time consuming.  I simply switch out and tuck in a few things here and there and suddenly things feel a little fresher and brighter.


Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decorating


In the rest of the kitchen, I mainly updated the shelf above our stove by adding some blue glass jars and insulators and a vintage whale cutting board.  I changed out the tea towel on the stove handle as well, but I think the biggest change is the sunlight finally coming through the windows after a very long winter.


White Farmhouse Kitchen


What about you?  What are your favorite quick and easy ways to update your home for summer?  Days are so full and busy, I know everyone’s time is limited to spend on decorating.   That doesn’t mean that your home shouldn’t surround you with things you love.

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Thanks so much for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Easy Summer Kitchen & Gallery Wall Updates”


  1. It’s fun looking at your photos, because it’s so obvious you love your home + your ‘things’ — as do I! We’re just about to finish a 2+ year re-do of a Dutch colonial, so I’m kind of stuck between the old + the new here. I did plant containers outside, which was a real morale boost! I think I’ll go to Home Depot + buy myself a large Texas sage topiary tree I saw yesterday. They look like ginormous rosemary trees! That’s a pretty summer-y thing to do, no?

  2. Your house is so well put together and yet cozy. The minute I look around I think boy would I ever love to live here. Your accents are just not meaningless tchotchkies but little mementos that mean something. You did a great job!!

  3. Oh, I am in love with that crate as well! I love all the neat little things you found to update for summer. This makes me want to keep collecting so I can one day dig through my stash and find so many perfect little items!!

  4. Wonderful vintage collections, and great displays, I’ve been searching for one of those vintage milk crates for what seems like ages. Adore those tea and julep towels in your shop too! Pinned…

  5. Great tips for a quick room update! I like switching things up for the seasons, too and it really is just these small changes that makes your room feel new.

    I love your kitchen! It’s so bright and white. It’s like my dream kitchen.