Easy Fall Decorating: Put a Pine Cone On It

So, for several years, birds have been so very “in” for decorating.

So much so that a video was created to further illustrate the idea:

“Put a Bird On it”.

Seriously, if you are someone who enjoys decor – it is super funny and worth the watch, that is if you haven’t already  seen it.

But for fall, I think you can’t go wrong if you…

Put a Pine Cone On It

Anytime fall decorating can be simple, quick and FREE – then it is good by me!

What is more simple, quick and free (unless you have no pine cone bearing trees around – but no fear, do like I did and ask some friends if they didn’t mind if you cleaned up their yards a little bit!) then to…

Put a Pine Cone On It.

You can place them on your mantel

Put a Pine Cone On It

You can make them a little fancier with gold paint…

Put a Pine Cone On It

They can even show up in your bathroom…

Put a Pine Cone On It

They can be used to fill a lamp…

Put a Pine Cone On It

Gather them in a basket on a side table…

Put a Pine Cone On It

Place them with your pumpkin displays for a little more “fallness” – and yes, in my world that is a word.

Put a Pine Cone On It

And you use them to add some depth to fall vignettes.

Put a Pine Cone On It

Don’t be overwhelmed about putting out fall decorations.  I think sometimes we worry about getting it all out only to have to put it away to get started on Christmas.  This is an easy way to bring fall in without it being stressful.

So, what do you think?

Will you put a pine cone on it?

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Thanks so much for reading!

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16 thoughts on “Easy Fall Decorating: Put a Pine Cone On It”


  1. Laura, this post just hit the mark with me. I love touches of warm fall too but don’t want our home to turn into a Halloween fun house! Those white pumpkins with the gold stems are perfect!

  2. I never did put my pine cones away after Christmas last year. I enjoyed them so much so I just left them piled high in a piece of brown transferware. They still look great with my limited Fall decor. Can’t get any easier than that. Sally

  3. Another thing to miss about NJ … all those free pine cones! I can’t seem to find any in the city. And I actually bought a bag of scented pine cones from JoAnns!

    Your pine cones looks so inspiring. I’m off to put a pine cone on something now …



  4. I like the look of gilded acorns, I have a few natural acorns amongst fall leaves on my mantle behind some pumpkins, I may gild a few.Thanks for the idea!

  5. It’s funny it’s one of those things that we look at on the ground and say must gather them up for our fire starter or for the Christmas decorations …. Not for fall. You said it… why not???? They are great fillers. Now I’m off to the woods to collect some. Linda

  6. I enjoyed the video!! I think people should be able to laugh at themselves. What really got me, was how the guy told her to “quit blowing on everything”. My husband does that! Whenever he’s working on something, or cleaning something, he ends up blowing on it. He’s like a container of canned air!

  7. Laura….I was just thinking about completing my Fall decorating and being so behind on that…and then in a couple of weeks…starting my Christmas decorating….I love pine cones…but do not have any pine trees…I love the many ways you used them in your decor….I so love your mantel…..

  8. Hmmm.. I like it!! I just ‘put a pine cone on it’. Made me think. I always pull the pine cones out with the Christmas things. But you made me get some out. I have added some pine cones to a few things 🙂 I like it!!
    Thanks for making me ‘put a line cone on it’!!
    Luv your natural Fall decor.
    Cheers, Gee