Easy Beach Terrarium


 Okay, I can no longer deny it.

Summer is slipping away.

And that is okay because there are so many blessings that come with Fall.

Today, I am going to share a simple project with you- a beach terrarium – a pretty way to share you vacation memories so you can hold onto a little bit of summer.

Simply find your favorite jar, with or without a cover, fill with sand found at a craft store (or your favorite destination) and begin layering in your treasures.

2-beach-terrarium on Make A Gif

See, I told you it was easy!  A simple way to store your treasures or bring memories (or anticipation!) into your home.  I used a mixture of coral, starfish, sea glass, sand dollars and shells –but it is all a personal preference.  Or maybe you went to a lake and you have beautiful rocks, driftwood and branches – they would work too!


And I have put it all together as a display on our living room coffee table.  All of the sea glass in the mason jar was found on Long Beach Island, NJ.  I am very particular, if it is found in another location – it is stored in a different jar!


If you would like another way to create a beach inspired display in your home, you can also visit here to see my beach mantel.


Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day.


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8 thoughts on “Easy Beach Terrarium”


  1. Laura, I love your summer beach mantle! It’s so pretty. The jar idea is something I have done for a while but the beach treasures are from different places. I love to collect beach glass but have only ever found a few tiny pieces so have have added boughten beach glass to it. I have it in an old candle jar (Y–kee) with the straight chimney and I can cover it when I put it away for the ‘off summer season’. Y–kee sold a sweet glass tealight holder a few years ago that encapsulates white sand and some shells. I keep it in our beach themed bathroom all year. Your tray vignette is beautiful and perfect for summer. Have a great day! Pamela

  2. Love this! I live in an apartment building and we have to take care not to let our doors blow shut in summer and lock us out so I created a door stop using a beautiful liquor bottle filled with white sand from the dollar store and some shells I cut loose from some inexpensive necklaces I found at a thrift store. Turned out cute. I love the lid on your larger jar!

  3. so glad to see someone still doing summer! it doesn’t begin to cool off here until the middle of oct. and since we started a big reno this summer i still have stuff out from may! i was feeling a little bit cheated, like i missed summer 😉

  4. Love these simple and beautiful keepsakes, Laura. We’re in southern California (from Colorado) for another week, and getting in our “beach time”. I think this is just the ticket for our beach-y treasures. Thanks for the inspiration!

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